The Secret of being Happy

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Everyone wants to be happy in life, we do all we can to bring happiness in our lives. But does this really means to laugh or smile all the time for no reason at all or to take a step forward and really transform ourselves into actually being happy and reflecting it outside?

Nothing can keep you or make you happy forever. As time passes by and years pile up in our lives, our choices, needs, wants, demands scenarios all change. What was so important for us a few years back doesn’t make us happy anymore as happiness is a state of mind, not a permanent part or behavioral pattern of our mind until we make it that way.

See what happens is to all of us, we think that life is smooth sailing, until it occurs to us someday that it is not the case.

For a couple of weeks or months, we feel very happy, but then something happens which we don’t like, or we feel a sudden switch off in us of our emotions, and we feel low and lost. Above is most of the time the reason for our happiness is unknown to us.

So how to bring about strategies which really work for us. This ables us to achieve our goal to stay happy under tough situations, rough dry patches of life, and under all kinds of circumstances, this we have to figure out ourselves.

Happiness is not a trait but a state of mind. You can’t ignore all which is going in your life, nor you can change all the circumstances in life. However, you surely can learn to be calm, happy and to remain in lifted-up spirits in life if you try.

Train and teach yourself to accept happiness as a conscious choice/ It will only come your way if you will see yourself as a happy person and value each moment of your life.

If you are going to train yourself that “look nothing is easy in life and I can’t be submissive sobbing on my unhappiness, loneliness, or emptiness. Rather than all I have got within me, with All the resources at hand, I will start to build my life right away. I will make each moment of life I have got, worth living. And I am happy because this is my choice”.

Then consciously focus, and Choose to become happy. Try to find joy and happiness not around you but inside you.

Day by day build yourself mentally and emotionally in the light of your positive aura and welcome happiness in every fiber of your being when you are fully graced with the blessing of happiness. After that reflect it out, let others see the light in you, and guide themselves on the happier path by you.

Start with small things, small steps, indulge in Subjective Well-being. Concentrate on your decision-making power, your environment as both of these factors determine how much happy you feel in reality.

What I mean by it is, that if you choose to be happy and lively consciously you will take the same decisions unconsciously. If you choose to convert it into your way of living, the choice to live by nothing will bother you anymore.

Your environment plays a key role too. One environment is outside our body in form of our home. Wider picture our family, friend, colleagues circle, society. World, but whatever pleasant change can occur in our wider circles through us, could only be triggered from inside us. We can’t give others what we don’t have, can we? So if you are not happy the surrounding people will see you as such and your impression would be created as an unhappy person.

Therefore, it is a must to keep your inside environment happy and pleasant at all times.

No one can give you the tools to live a happy life. It all depends on people’s choices and decisions which lead to happiness.

You cannot sit and wait for happiness to arrive. You got to take control of your happiness yourself. Furthermore, you should consciously develop the habits which make you happy. Keeping you happy can only be through your conscious effort.

You got to feel responsible for your life and happiness. You got to know about your personal responses which lead to stress or grief for you and for others, and you must know how to control your personal responses.

Never think you can’t accomplish being happy because this way you are giving up on your personal control to all the unhappiness there. So take charge of your life and git rid of negative emotions.

Above all get rid of that toxic habit of yours that you can’t change anything, take ownership of your happiness, bring wealth, health, and abundance in your life.

Stop thinking about what you can’t change, instead think about what you can change. Feeling low and thinking I will go with the flow of life will only make you part of the crowd, as you will never stand out this way.

So stop being on the back foot, the roar from within, and claim your right of self-happiness from your inside.

Opt for confidence and self-esteem, shed away fears and insecurities. Improve yourself each day and instead of hiding in your comfort zone reach out to create a happy existence overall.

Concentrate on adopting small habits and reflect positive behavior consciously not to show off but as a real you, a happy and confident you.




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