With the Senior Citizens respectfully connects your heart and soul

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All who are golden agers today were once young, active, may be more vibrant than us. This is true that age impacts our minds, and bodies in countless ways. Nor is it reversible in an absolute form. But it is not wise, to deal with it as no more than just a number. As if you didn’t do it, your whole life would be driven according to the calendar of year after year, no meaning of life, and nothing further to explore in life.

Therefore, keep your spirit intact of living to the fullest at the very end of this temporary life. Defeat age, don’t let it defeat you. Don’t take it too much into head. Do all the necessary care, you have to, but never let age suck out all the happiness, adventure, hobbies, and small joys out of your system.

Thoughtfully design a whole pattern for you to live in the best possible way, for life long. To plan it, you must start from the very beginning of your life when you are enjoying full youth. Keeping the years ahead plan for your retirement. Find ways that you can live an independent life blessed with social, and financial freedom till the last breath.

Your reflection in the mirror may show a bit different, mature, seasoned, experienced person different than you used to be before, but never image or imagine yourself as hopeless, lost to life. No ambition, nothing to live for, “kind of a person” ever.

Your long life is the biggest gift you have which many in the world don’t even have, so never treat is as a curse. Don’t let anyone manipulate you into this idea ever that as you age you are not good enough. Be relevant, be engaged socially, and take every day as it comes. Do what makes you happy, and never let go of the hold of your financial savings, and resources ever.

Never invest in spell of any compulsion or unrealistic dreams. Seek all the information you have to from reliable sources before you park your hard-earned life savings, you invest in something. Never act unconsciously, always be focused, and don’t trust anyone blindly, ever. Nor reveal your plans to anyone until you fully implement them in your life.

Let no one ever play with your sentiments and never be used by anyone. Beware of crooks. And hold on to our courage all the time. It was you who have come so far, earned a living for your kids, and looked out for all your family, kids, loved ones, and your spouse and you. So feel proud of yourself and never let anyone talk you out of this.

A feeling of senior isolation, and loneliness can lead to depression. We as a new generation must find ways to get associated with our elders in joyful ways. To bring a smile on someone’s face with your genuine kind acts, and showing care is the biggest gift you can offer to someone. Find new ways to stay connected, and be the hope for others no matter what your age is.

From grandparents to parents, neighbors, community, voluntary services, person-to person connections thousand of miles away, just on Zoom, Skype or other chatting platforms, you can solve many issues of others and help in enormous ways. As your age grows, never think that you deserve it. Never suffer, and don’t let anyone bar you from what makes you happy. You have to help yourself, being you as it is highly important. Connect with others when you cannot meet them in person.

Explore small joys such as just calling your parents, grandparents and senior neighbors or friends of your grandparents and parents just to know how they are doing, twice or thrice a week or at least weekly. Talk about mutual stuff. Share your life with them. Ask about their well-being. their life. Send them small little affordable gifts on and off. Laugh and share memories together. Whenever you get a chance, do a video call ato the senior members of the family and share and care.

Teach the senior members of your family how they can keep themselves relevant and learn new things using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. If they at first don’t know about the digital world and it’s applications, make them acquainted with that. Tell them all the pro’s and con’s of technology so they may never be tricked or played around. And could take aware decisions.

Take the steps to make the lives of senior citizens easier in any way. Take the first step, the first initiative. Stay connected through recorded voice messages; visit them in person. In short, whatever you can offer to the senior one’s around, to eliminate that left-out, and isolated feeling from their lives, do it.

Paying a visit regularly gives great relief to golden agers that they are still attended well in person. Don’t forget where they are today, you may be one day. So treat long age, and being old as the biggest blessing, not a curse, because there are many, who don’t even get a chance to enter this golden age of magnificence. To senior citizens around us, in our family, friends, community, and in general, without any discrimination, be kind, empathetic, helpful towards them. Show genuine love, respect, care, and spread this warmth as far as you can.




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