Healthy snacks for you and your kids

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Importance of vegetables remains at every age. Eating healthy clean fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, fortified soy alternatives and protein foods supports our health and brain functions. Opt for nutritious snack options, keep them handy. All of this brings sugar, sodium, and saturated fat consumption to minimal.

Now, knowing all this, we can’t help at times not having those snakes which we love. May they be oily, or loaded with calories, sodium, saturated fat, and sugar. Kids in particular love to prefer fast food on healthy diet. In such scenario, how to offer kids some yummy vegetable food snacks which instead of boring them, make them adopt the habit of healthy eating.

1- Be creative

Make a snack using unsalted nuts, unsweetened cereals, raisins, dried fruit and popcorn. Of course, you can add to the list as many options as it come to your mind.

2- Cut vegetables in the shape which kids love

Doing this you will make kids interested in that healthy snake you are making for them from vegetables. Kids like colors so include different colors of veggies such as broccoli, carrots, zucchini sticks, etc; to create your healthy snack.

3- Make healthy dips and sauces

With a healthy snake make a good healthy dip, using cheese, flavored yogurt, fresh fruit, sugar-free jams, hummus, mint chutney, low-fat yogurt, guacamole, nut butter etc. Enhance the flavor by adding lean meat, turkey, whole grain crackers, beans, barriers, and nuts. Be as creative as you can while creating a healthy snake for you or for your kids.

4- Make Fruits your friends

Wash fruits, properly, cut them into beautiful shapes, make a combo platter which must look appealing to your kids. Take seasonal food and experiment and you can add nuts or dry fruit too in a bowl of fresh fruits to enhance the magic. Apples, bananas, barriers, grapes, apricots, peaches, pears, watermelon, and any other fruit you wish you could include it in your healthy platter or bowl of fruit. With a touch of lime, and fruit-based sweeteners, you can enhance the flavor of your fruits even more.




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