How to fantastically make your own headpins and DIY earrings, sell like hot picks?

You can easily learn to make your own DIY Earrings and Headpins. The process is super fun and easy.

To start with you will be needing a few basic tools if you want to make your own jewelry and want to make a few other pieces too, to sell online and make a few extra pocket money. Give your design a personal style statement to make it even more appealing for the customers.

You will be needing wire, beads, fabric, pom pom, tassels, looping jewelry pliers, wire rounder.

1. Cut the Wire Appropriatisstly with the help of Tools, while Focusing Entirely on your Project

You can use copper or sterling silver wire, although I have started also making them from copper wire. Use a 20-gauge wire at least for better folding and cutting as it holds on to the shape and is strong enough to hold on when you will bend it. 20 gauge wire will cause no discomfort to your ears. (but if your ears are sensitive to artificial jewelry/ wires then don’t put them on if you feel any kind of discomfort. However, if you make perfect designs you can still sell them and make a niche of your own brand name in the market. for your ears. Cut this wire to six-inch lengths. Cut several pieces together measuring the length of each piece to get the exact length of each pair of earrings.

2. Why Fluxing both ends in Jewelry making is important?

Flux is a liquid or a paste that is used in soldering metals together. Therefore, use flux for hard soldering and dip at both ends of all the wire pieces you cut. This way you will save the base metal in the wire from oxidizing. Oxidation inhibits when the metal form adheres to it. If you are making balled ear wires, inhibits the wire from balling.

3. While making DIY Jewelry melting both ends is important

Use a kitchen torch to melt both ends of all the wire pieces you cut in lengths, to form melted balls from metal. Hold the wires with professional tweezers, as metal absorbs heat, and becomes extremely hot if you touch the wires with bare hands. Your hands or fingertips can get hurt. Thereby to ensure perfect safe results, hold the working tweezers firmly and grip the middle of each six-inch wire length.

Doing so your tweezers will act as a heat prevention tool that would pull the heat away from your wire tip, in case if it is too close to the flame. This will also keep your wire from balling.

Now with the help of tweezers hold the wire ends at the tip of the inner blue flame coming from your kitchen torch. Remember and pay attention now as this is the tricky part because that area would be the hottest most due to the direct flame interaction. If you are working with Copper Wire, it will take longer to ball up so have patience and fully concentrate on the process to ensure your own safety too as well as the safety of your product. If you feel that your wire end is not balling, hold the wire more horizontally in the flame until it starts to melt and ball up. Now you may continue to heat it as you gradually bring the wire back to a comfortable vertical position.

4. How to give shape to your balled wire Into Earrings

If you are making headpins, cut these six-inch pieces in two. This will give two three-inch headpins that will be long enough to work for any headpin project you are trying to make absolutely.

One more important point is that if you are making earrings, you must fold the wire in two, but be absolutely careful that you keep the balled ends together and at the same length as you fold the wire gradually, be attentive and precise while doing so. The next step is to wrap the folded wire around looping jewelry pliers. Artfully bend the wire slightly off-center and closer to the balled ends, in order to keep the ear wires long in the back so you can put on the earrings easily.

When you form smaller loops near the balled ends it creates a hook for wire-wrapped beads, metal or clay hence fabric earrings as well. For uniformity and beautification of your earrings, you must have the balled ends together to ensure delightful shapes.

The next step after the ear wires are shaped and ready, cut the folded end of the wire using your cutting nipper pliers (like scissors). This will give you uniformly-shaped pair of Ear Wires.

Apparently, you got to acquire a durable set of wire cutters as it is essential in jewelry-making craft. you can also keep several different wire-cutting devices that to use on different types of wires. For most applications. Usually, a pair of end-cutting nipper pliers is always a smart choice. This type of cutter gives a nice, decent, workable, straight cut which would help you to easily cut close to your designed or thought out designs.

5. How to give a finish to the ear wires?

To cut the ends of the edge of wires and to make them nice and round and to take off any leftover sharp edges, use a cup bur or wire rounder on your wire pieces. Rest assured that all wire pieces of yours on all wire must not give any sort of discomfort or poke to the wearer as they purchase to wear your jewelry. Customer satisfaction must be your uttermost priority. For ultra-fine results, use either bee wax or a lubricant to smooth up your cutting and nipping tools. Lubrication of tools really facilitates the cup bur from excessive wear.

6. Polish the ear wires to craft your design even more goodly

After all that hard work you have done up till now, it’s time for the final step which is cleaning and polishing. For this, you can take 1000-Grit Sandpaper to take off any extra left residual. Prior to this, you can use a tumbler with mixed steel shot and liquid burnishing compound to polish the ear wires which will further glorify and magnify your design and hard labor.

7. Enhance the look by tumbling your DIY craft peices

Now you need to leave the final pieces in the tumbler for a few hours to settle in perfectly. You can make your ear batches in bulk quantity too if you feel like using them for several commercial items to be sold. Doing so will also save your polish compound. You may always rinse your steel shot after each use and spread it out on a clan. hygenic cloth to dry the products thoroughly before you keep them as storage to use when needed for your headpins or earrings making purpose.

8. Add a bit of fusion to your designs

Be as original and crafty as you can be. Add your designs to your DIY ear wires. You can also bend the loop of the ear wire off to the side to give a jumping ring look. Now slide your design through the backside of the ear wire, and now tightly close the loop. To open and close the loop into the perfect desired position which is more like a procedure of a jump ring. To give additional Design perfection you can use Marquise ear wires and just loop them around a small bottle, with the help of a hammer take away the bothersome bends.

What to add in your earrings to give them a most fashionable trendy style?

  •  Diamond stud
  •  Pearl
  •  Hoop
  •  Chandelier
  •  Drop
  •  Teardrop
  •  Clip-on
  •  Cluster
  •  Tassel
  • Sea Shells
  • Motifs
  • Gota Patti

Any other material of your choice.

So go on friend, make your first DIY project and show your crafty side to the world. Best of Luck!




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