5 Tips to glow your skin with the use of Honey

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Honey is an ultimate source of antioxidants. Raw honey has an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants. Honey has antibacterial and antifungal qualities, which helps to restore the skin texture, nourishes the skin deep down and also have the capability to heal wounds. Honey is a phytonutrient power house. If you drink honey, mixing it with hot water and a splash of lime, it is helpful in digestive issues and also happens to soothe a sore throat.

To maintain your glowing skin regime, you can use honey in these different ways.

1- Acne Removal

Apply a thin layer of raw honey all over your face. Now dip a facial cloth sheet in the aloe vera gel and put this facial mask on your face. Leave it for at least an hour and than wash your face with luke warm water.

2- To treat split ends of Hair

Mix honey with olive oil and make a thick paste. With the help of a tail come divide your hair into equal or almost equal partitions. Taking each strand of hair, apply honey from the medium length of your hair till the end. Let the moisture of honey along with olive oil properties work like a magical tonic on your hair. Leave it for one hour or an hour and a half. Wash your hair with luke warm water and apply split ends conditioner to the lengths of your hair for better results.

3- Dry Chappy Lips

It is a common problem, especially in winters. The skin on our lips is way more soft and thin than the rest of our body. Treat this delicate, beautiful skin to restore its pH balance using honey. Apply a thin layer of honey over your lips after you exfoliate your lips with the help of a toothbrush or a gentle lip exfoliator. You can use raw sugar or brown sugar to exfoliate your lips too. Leave the thin layer of honey on your lips for 30 minutes. Wash away with like warm water, pat dry and apply a healing balm on your lips for best results.

4- Glowing skin

Who doesn’t want soft, supple, glowing skin, right? To achieve your glowing skin goal, mix honey with aloe vera gel and make a paste add few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of dry milk powder to the mixture. Apply this booster face pack on your face and let it work wonders on your skin for 45 minutes. Wash away with lukewarm water. Apply a good moisturizer or serum after wards.

5- Blackheads removal

Black heads are clogged pores which makes the surface of our nose practically dry, rough and bumpy. To get rid of this problem, apply honey, mixing it with active charcoal. Make a paste and let it be on the areas where you want to remove your dead skin cells and rough skin along with blackheads. When the mask is dry, peel it off and your glowing skin will welcome you, as you will see all the black heads and dead skin cells are gone.




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