Awareness about a brain stroke

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Having awareness about stroke is a must as a stroke can damage the human body tremendously. Unless you know and notice the signs your body is sending, you won’t be able to understand what is happening within your body.

A Brain Stroke is caused when, the human brain’s oxygen supply is cut off due to any health reason or accident. The brain arteries get clogged and this blockage or clot becomes the reason for killing brain cells. The damage done by clotting of the brain can lead to disability.

Each year many people worldwide suffer from a brain stroke or its symptoms. Brain Health Experts suggest, that if a person pays attention to one’s body symptoms before the stroke happens, 80% of the stroke cases can be prevented. The human body tends to speak out about what is, or is about to be in numerous ways. Not only is normal body language reading important to understand a person, but all the body signals the human body gives before any disease really takes control over the whole body.

It is very important to notice and look for these small symptoms, as they can be helpful if you want to prevent any disease prior to it’s happening.

Health experts say that at least a month before the stroke actually happens, a person may experiences different kind of symptoms such as

Nonstop painful hiccups occurring,

This is a clear sign, if no matter how a person wants to stop them, the hiccups keep on going until they become scary and painful to control. It’s the time for you to consult your doctor immediately.


If you are suffering from a series of painful headaches, you must notice them quickly. If headaches are too severe, then these may be a sign of having a cardiovascular problem in the future leading to a heart stroke. These headaches are usually due to an “Aneurysm” (which is swelling of the heart arteries). If you are suffering from intense headaches, don’t wait, but visit your physician immediately.

Too Confused

Another strong signal, that someone is about to have a stroke is, when a person gets too confused about everything too often. If this confusion is along with any other symptoms present in a person, then immediately seek help. As it can be an early sign of having a severe stroke.

Difficulty is swallowing food and liquids

At times, people who have been diagnosed with strokes later go through difficulty, in swallowing the food and liquids they consume before the stroke happens. If you are having any such difficulty, do not ignore it and pay a visit to your doctor immediately.

Difficulty in walking or maintaining a balance of the body

If you are facing problems walking or maintaining your balance,this could be an indicator of a stroke too. So you must not ignore it and seek medical help immediately.

Experiencing Blur vision

If you are experiencing blurred vision or finding it difficult to see things clearly, as well as when you focus on things along with the difficulty of clarity of sight, or if you are experiencing headaches, it can be a warning sign. Telling you beforehand that a stroke is about to happen. A problem with your vision or single eye blindness is a clear indication that something is wrong.

Smile getting groovy or pain in one arm

If your smile is getting groovy or you are feeling sudden seizures of pain in one arm, that can also be a clear indication of a stroke.

Therefore, from now on pay attention to any such symptoms, so you can prevent the danger of stroke for you and your loved ones in time. As Leading an aware life about all aspects of life can bring you solution of countless problems in general and in addressing health problems overall.

Note: Tips mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and thereby it should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before you make any changes to your diet or if you are feeling that you have any slightest discomfort regarding your physical or mental health, consult your doctor immediately. Never take your health matters lightly, as precaution and prevention, saves a lot of hassle and trouble, plus saves your hard-earned money, too.




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