Best time to hydrate you with water

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Physical properties of water are related to the appearance of water, taste, odor, turbidity, temperature, and color. Therefore, always use clean and fresh water for the drinking purpose. Fresh clean water when we drink it carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells. It also helps us flush out bacteria from your bladder. Water facilitates the digestive system. Water helps us to stay away from having constipation. Water also normalises our blood pressure and stabilizes the heart beat. Water acts as cushioning the joints. It also protects our body organs and tissues.

To keep yourself hydrated and fresh at all times, you must drink water at these times.

1- After waking up

This way water activates all of our body systems and internal organs. We feel energized and fresh.

2- After workout

To keep your body fit and your mind alert workout is the best possible option. After a workout, the body temperature rises more than normal.Therefore, to bring back the body temperature to normal and our heart rate to an appropriate normal count, drinking water after a workout is a healthy option.

3- Half an hour before the meal

When you sit to eat, it’s necessary that your digestive system is in the appropriate condition to digest the food properly. Also, if you want to prevent yourself from eating, water helps. Therefore, at least half an hour before the meal, drink a glass of water to help support your digestive system.

4- Before taking a hot bath

Hot bath has multiple benefits for muscle aches and to release the body pain and reduce the stress level. If you drink a glass of water before taking a bath it will help you lower your blood pressure and would keep your body in an appropriate state.

5- Before going to bed

When you sleep your body organs and your mind are still functioning. They need hydration and energy to facilitate them to provide you with a power pack sleep, after which you would wake up fresh and energetic in the morning. Drink water before going to bed to replenish any loss of fluids in your body while you sleep.

6- When you are feeling tired

Our body performs so many tasks daily and goes through so many challenges every day while we work, enjoy, drive or run our daily errands. Therefore, taking care of your body is most important. When you feel drained and tired, drinking water refreshes you and helps you restore your pH balace, plus it energizes all the organs in your body to help perform you even better,




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