Do we consume sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables?

Do we consume sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables?
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Do we consume sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables? Fruits, and vegetables are an essential part of our food consumption, that we know. But do all of us consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables as needed?

Different age groups have different needs

Mostly people who are older seldom consume more fruits and vegetables than youngsters.

It could be due to their healthy life choices, experience, because of their health practitioners or dietician advice, or it could be just as, when we age we become a bit wiser to look after ourselves a bit more may be.

Affordability and availibility

Here is another factor which plays a key role here is the income bracket we have, seldom rich people or higher income groups of people tend to consume more fruits and vegetables.

The reason could be that they can afford it, and the circle they move around in, is conscious enough to look out for age effects, figure, looks, fashion, what’s trending, better food, health and lifestyle choices. They can hire additional help to cook and clean for them as well. Kind of a status symbol, too, for many, just to fit in with the group of people they hang out with.

Whereas in low income bracket families, or those who have a middle income bracket, they have to choose between provision of food and other necessities of life. Making both ends meet, working long hours often makes them opt for easy meal choices.

The group they hang out with do they same besides a few exceptions. And this is why at times, they consume fast food more as it is convenient and easy picks for them.

Balanced meal

As balanced meal is at times not easy to afford for all in the family when income is limited. That is why choices become scarce, even if one wishes to have them otherwise.

However, when your diet is rich in the form of vegetables and fruits, you provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

Look after your immune system

Immune system works better and a person gets more resistance fighting against any kind of diseases. Healthy food choices not only support your heart and blood pressure, but they decrease the chance of stroke, diabetes and many other chronic illnesses.

So to stay healthy, to keep your mind and body refreshed, try to consume as much fruits and vegetables as you can. Include them as a must part of your and your family’s diet.

A little bit of care and consciousness will not only keep you healthy and fit, but will keep you disease-free too. If you like this idea, give it a thought and try it.




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