Eco-Friendly cling wrap alternatives as your kitchen buddies

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As we all know that cling-wrap is a single-use plastic product. These cling wraps when we use, we seldom dont consider how they stay and pollute our enviornment in may ways when disposed off. They release toxic chemicals into the soil and if any animal by mistake happens to eat them, they can die. These cling wraps are also hazardous to marine life. This plastic waste when it piles up, creates many seen and sunseen problems.

We seldom feel that there is no other way besides using cling wraps in order to keep our products fresh but it is not the case, actually, you have several alternatives which are eco-friendly and at the same time are more healthy choices to opt for and to use for saving our food items hygienically and more properly. They not only help us in keeping our food items fresh but really lower he burden of spending on our pockets too.

1- Pure Silicon Wraps

They contain no petrochemicals. Lead, or BPa, which is harmful to health. They are safe to use in the microwave and can be reused multiple times after washing them with soapy water and drying them afterwards. They are very convenient to stretch and stick on any surface.

Because of their qualiy that they can be used multiple times they fits in our budget oo, easi withiut putting any extra load on our pockets.

2- Reusable Food Covers

It’s also a smart intelligent invention, the can be used on open mouth dishes, pans and pots. They etain steam so they can be used while cooking to cover the pans. These Reusable Food Covers come in different sizes and shapes, to meet your needs. You can use hem-in microwaves and you can also use them when you put your leftovers in the refrigerator. Story them and fall in love with the eco-friendly side of yours.

Reusable food Bags

They are easy t use, way better than clinging on plastic wraps and are not harmful to the environment a all. These bags are light in weight and easy to store in refrigerators or freezers. You can make small pockets of them to put snacks in small quantities. These products last for years, so they are easy on your pocket choices too. Plastic and wastage consumption however, becomes zero when you use hem as your kitchen helpers.

Bowl Covers which are Reusable

These covers are made of cotton and are washable. The soft cloth texture keeps your food fresh as it locks the moisture of the food in. You can use them for covering your dishes while you transport your food. Even on salad dishes, they give a convenient and fresh coverage. Try using them and reduce your plastic cling cosumotion to minimal for healthy, happy homes and enviormet overall.




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