Fanciful Coconut Chicken Curry

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To make this yummy dish you will be needing:


. 6 to 8 Chicken Peices

. Cooking oil or butter as per you desire

. 1 cup coconut milk

. 4 Cardimoms

. 15 Cashewnuts

. 1 Tbsp of fresh crushed coconut

Splash of lime juice

. 1 cup water

. Black pepper as per your taste

. Salt as per our taste

. Add rest of the species as per you like to eat your chiken

. A piece of coal to add the barbeque touch at the end


Take the pieces of chicken, and wash them properly. After that, in a covered stainer, let all the water from it be drained out. Heat up the deep pan with enough oil in it to defray the chicken. Put the chicken pieces in the preheated oil, but lower down the flame, otherwise, the chicken will stick to the base of the pan.

Once the chicken is light golden brown, put it aside. Now take coconut milk, add a few cashew nuts in it along with 3-4 green cardamoms, and make a paste in your mixer/blender.

Heat up some butter in a pan, add the chicken pieces, and pour in the paste you have made. Fry the chicken in this paste for another 5-6 minutes. Now add half a cup of water, and all the spices which you want to add. Add a splash of lime into the gravy to make it more tastey.

Cover the lid of the pan and let the chicken simmer in the gravy you made until you can see the butter coming out.

At this stage add some more coconut milk, and freshly chopped coconut to the gravy; add 1 cup of water.

Now cover the pan with a lid again and stir the ingredients well before covering the pan with a lid. Let it be on a medium flame for another 5 to 8 minutes.

For additional flavor, you can give it a barbeque smell by flaming a small piece of coal and placing it in a large spoon while dropping 4-5 drops of oil on the piece of coal.

The moment you do it the coal will start to give out smoke; that is the time to cover the lid of the pan for one more minute.

After that, take the coal piece out of the spoon. You will find that the dishis now filled with the radiant aroma, and is all ready to be served with plain Rice or Nan. Any additional side dish or salad can also be served along with this main dish as per your choice.

Let your tastebuds scream in joy having this mouthwatering dish.




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