Futuristic Eco Friendly homes solutions

Futuristic Eco Friendly homes solutions
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Futuristic Eco Friendly homes solutions. Eco friendly homes are a great concept to save the climate changes getting more drastic. Starting with minimal to zero net, we got to bring multiple changes to our way of thinking, living and constructing our houses.

Features of futuristic friendly homes could be:

More timber less bricks

May be in a futuristic view of eco-friendly houses; brick houses would not be preferred that much. The heating system, and the cooling system of the houses will require to go through changes too. More timber, and less bricks or it could be recycled material, stones, and glass will be used. Naturally dried bricks which aren’t required to be backed in an oven, would become popular.

Solar system efficent

To save electricity, the houses will be designed soon in a way that plenty of sun light can reach us. In the summer sunlight in form of solar energy can give our homes centralized air conditioning a new touch. And in winter it could provide us with light, and warmth.

The walls of our homes could have been covered up with thick thermal material.

lightning and heating system

Instant solar panels installations will be used to fulfill our hot water needs. More solar panels installation so that energy demand can be reduced. Lightning in the house, would be supported by efficient lightning providing systems, mostly by solar panels.

Living in easy access areas

Perhaps living in an area that has easy access to work and necessities provisions would be preferred. Walking more instead of using our car for every single job or errand run would be a better idea. Low carbon solutions to provide heat to our houses will be more in trend.

Green roofs and usage of smart electricity technology

For biodiversity, green roofs would be a good idea. Installing smart electricity meters can help us in saving energy, and prevent waste. LED technology will get more advanced, and will widen up in color range.

Proper installations of water pipes, and electrical wires can help us save those leakages, and wastage. Knowing how valuable water is, better options will arrive instead of running taps all the time.

Promoting local energy schemes

Through constructing efficient communities, we will reduce our carbon foot-prints, and save energy. Local energy schemes could boom. Efficient transport in the form of electric cars, and less usage of cars could be an option. Smart transport options can change the whole era of public transport in a transformative way. Clean energy resources projects will be more efficient, and workable.

Mutual effort of all is needed

Having said that, doing all this can only be fruitful if every household in every country of the world is equipped with such technology and every country is given a chance to create these resources for their citizens.

Otherwise the world would be divided even more. Huge difference would be in those homes which would be Eco friendly, and in those who, due to lack of resources or economic pressure, won’t be able to make it.

Everyone should be able to reap eco friendly benefits

Especially in those countries which are still developing. Thereby, peace, stability, and harmony must be here for all of us without any discrimination, and for future generations too.

So that no part or region of the world is left out to receive the prevention of climate change. Keeping all this in mind and the effects of climate change shifts, start to act now, we could save our resources, and leave a better world for the generations to come.




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