Gua Sha Facial Tool

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The Gua Sha tool is lightweight and easy to use. Gua Sha is a heart-shaped stone, which after using gives you a perfect glowing deep spa massage look and feel. Gua Sha is small but comfortable, plus you can use it on different parts of your body.

Gua Sha has many benefits including:

It promotes blood circulation Improves fine lines and wrinkles give your muscles and mind relief

Gua Sha is a tool that can be used to have perfect firm, youthful and glowing facial and neck skin. It improves blood circulation on your skin and helps in improving the texture of your skin. Decreases puffiness of your skin along with promoting elasticity of the skin, improving collagen count in the skin, and improving the skin tone. Aesthetically, it’s a proven method t helps you turn back the clock and acts as an aid in your anti-aging routine. Use it twice a week, as for many skin types using Gua Sha daily can cause redness or itching. While using Gua Sha, it is important to work with it using smooth strokes and never to hurry the process. Instead, be patient and enjoy the process. This way Gua Sha helps more in making your skin glow inside out and rejuvenating your skin.

This is important to know too, that don’t expect magical miracles as every beauty regime to provide optimal results demands time and practice as well as a consistent routine. Therefore, with your Gua Sha be patient too, as it won’t show its results overnight, it might take at least a week.

What’s the right technique to use Gua Sha Tool?

Well, the process is easy and simple. First, wash your face thoroughly and cleanse it with a mild skin-type cleanser. After washing your face with warm water pat dry your face. Never rub any towel or cloth on your skin.

The next step would be to apply cream, face oil, or serum, on your skin as per your moisturization medium choice. Know your skin type and use any facial products of any brand of your choice which is hydrating and have a high pH balance.

Lastly, sit back and relax and now grab your Gua Sha tool and give yourself a perfect super-glowing spa-type massage.




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