Have Eco-friendly Re-usable Choices to swap with plastic products in your Kitchen

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Now more than ever we need to make all the conscious efforts we can to reduce daily wastage in any form we do. We hear about global warming and climate change all the time, but are we making any genuine efforts to switch to reusable products? Which could really provide workable solutions and can save our hard-earned money too.

Let’s learn about a few smart reusable inventions and changes you can bring about in your eco-friendly kitchen.

Reusable Food Storage Solutions

1- Reusable silicon food pouches

When children go to school, we daily pack lunch for them and mostly use plastic bottles and containers to serve the purpose, so food can be stored in these lunchboxes and containers and without being spilled or rotted, children can easily and hygienically consume it during the break time at school. A great alternative to plastic bags are reusable silicone food pouches. These are not only easy to use, more hygienic and healthy to store food in, but provide great facilitation in storing, freezing, keeping food, meals, lunch and leftovers.

2- Reusable fabric wraps

One more useful technique to wrap the food yet get rid of plastic cling wrap is vegan reusable food wraps. So swap them with plastic to use as a sandwich or burger wrap and to cover bowls or to wrap veggies and fruits to keep them fresh.

3- Reusable cloth shopping bags

Whenever we go shopping most of us find it convenient to use plastic bags as shopping bags. This is not a healthy choice as this way every one of us happens to be the reason to create tons of plastic waste over the accumulated years o our lifespan. The smart choice for today to save the environment is to use cloth bags, reusable bags for shopping. Though there are so many brilliant alternatives available to choose from, in the form of reusable bags, ultimately you need to choose from these alternatives. So go on without wasting any more time, choose your suitable solution of reusable bags.

For your bread, cakes, pizza and dough storage also, with o to reusable alternatives. Avoid single-use plastic as much as you can and use those bags which are made of at least 10 to 15 times recycled used plastic bottles. This way you can almost certainly reduce the plastic pile up, and it’s convenient too, while you keep the stuff in your refrigerator and freezer, and obviously it is a much healthier choice.

4- Reusable baking mats solutions

This is a highly lovable new trend. The silicon mats are non-greasy and non-sticky and come in a set of two or more. They are your perfect kitchen partners if you want to roast something or bake. These silicone baking mats are super fun, easy to clean and keep. They are long-lasting, so they save a lot of your time.

5- Reusable dish clothes

Dish clothes that are compostable. They are very absorbent and efficiently useful. Made of fine cotton cloth, these compostable Dish Cloths last very long, and they are eco-friendly, so you can consider them to be the best plastic alternatives and a smart, healthy choice to opt for. Using them you save your precious money and look stylish, plus caring towards our earth, climate and ecosystem for you, our kids and generations to come.

So go on using these wonderful alternatives and reduce the plastic waste pile up right away. Put your share in saving the environment and stopping climate change.




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