Have you ever wondered how your skin works?

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Human skin is made of three basic layers. The skin on us protects us from microbes and the elements help regulate our body temperature. Our skin also can detect any kind of sensations such as heat, cold, touch. So let’s know more about how our skin works and how amazingly it protects us from outer elements that could be highly harmful to us otherwise.

Our Skin basically has three layers:

  1. Epidermis (the First outer layer of the skin)
  2. Dermis (The inner layer of the skin)
  3. Hypodermis (The deep layer of fat)

The outermost layer of which is called the epidermis acts as a waterproof barrier, and also creates our skin tone. This upper layer of our skin, which is called Epidermis, is made of mostly Keratinocytes which are formed by Protein Keratin. Which is the same material found in our hair and nails. These keratinocytes form several layers underneath our skin that constantly grow outwards, replace exterior dead cells of the skin, and make them flake out.

Our amazing skin has many functions. If we inspect our skin, it is a layer that is stable but flexible, and acts as a barrier for our body, protecting us from harmful elements of the outer world. Such as toxic substances, heatwave, icy waves as well as protects us from germs, and bacteria. Our skin also ables us to prevent loss of moisture, maintain our PH balance as well as regulates our body temperature. Our skin also acts as a source of vitamin D.

Underneath the Epidermis, our outermost layer, which contains the primary protective structure. The Stratum Corneum , which is also known as Dermis and is a Fibrous Layer. This layer supports and strengthens the epidermis. Beneath the dermis, a layer called subcutaneous, which is made of fat exists. Its primary function is to supply the dermis with the nutrients required by our skin. Our human skin is the largest body organ of our skin.

But unlike other body organs, it is not internal but external. We wear it outside. In adults, skin weight is around 8 pounds (3.6) kilograms. In square feet it would be 22 square feet, which is (2 square meters).

Our skin acts as a flesh cover on our beings as humans. It might sound astonishing, but it’s a fact that without it we wouldn’t be able to survive a day and we’d literally evaporate.

Our skin is all wired with sensory nerves which keep our brain informed of what’s going on outside our body. Through the sense of touch, feeling hot and cold. Our skin is flexible; that is why it facilitates our bodily movement and lets us do all our daily and life errands easily and regularly. Amazingly, Human skin, more than any other Mammal portrays striking differences when we define the human body. Between the palms and the back of the hands, the skin has a different texture. The skin of the eyebrows is thick and coarse. The skin of the eyelids is thin, smooth and facial skin has a different texture too. On elbows, our skin is all creased and on abdomen, scalp, chest, its entirety is different, so it sure is a wonder in its own self-functionally and structurally.

Therefore, always take good care of your skin as it is an amazing versatile human body organ as well as one of our best aids.




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