How likely climate will evolve in the future

How likely climate will evolve in the future
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How likely climate will evolve in the future. We see that all societies on earth are now facing climate change in one way or another. It’s also feared that if fossil fuel reliance continues as it is now than by the year 2050 CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere will triple most likely.

Global Warming seems to be accelerating

As we seem to be stopping nowhere but going ahead on the path of global warming. Up until now, global warming has already increased by up to 1.5-degree Celsius, which is 2.7-degree Fahreinheit. Therefore, it is a must to take solid action on the global warming issue without any delay.

What will be the result of immense global warming

Global warming will be immense, which will result in melting glaciers, heavy storms, tornados, floods and jungle fires. Due to all this, countless people and animals can lose their lives, and economies can suffer badly. In short, all of this can come with much more catastrophic outcomes.

In the next few decades, global warming will accelerate even more. It will cause an increase in atmospheric moisture. More heat waves will be experienced and shifts in rainfall cycles will be seen.

For example, high-latitude areas will be experiencing more rainfall. And in subtropical regions rainfall will be less. The sea levels will increase because of the snow sheets melting.

Many climate models suggest

Many climate models also suggest that many areas which are near to sea costs might go under water because of heavy, huge sea tides.

Changes in rain will further disturb the whole cycle of the fresh water reserves. Rivers will be overflowing many parts of the world. Because of this, severe floods plus droughts could be experienced.

The carbon footprint which we will leave behind will be harmful in irreversible ways for generations to come after us, and for wildlife, marine life, livestock too.

It’s the responsibility of all of us

Having said that, it is the responsibility of us all as, that we all must stay united and must find solutions to combat this problem. Otherwise, the future of the earth, the human race, and all life that exists on planet Earth, would not only be grim but perhaps very dark.

So it’s time for all of us to stop thinking and start acting towards the betterment of our Mother Earth. Let existence of life on earth in any form thrive, and survive beautifully.




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