How to create perfect smoky eyes

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What one needs to create a perfect smoky eyes effect is quite a catch for many. to start with lets see what essential beauty products you will be needing in order to create the optimal effect. Here are a few recommendations you can choose from.

1- Appropriate shade of concealer

A full-coverage concealer which not only illuminates your skin tone but covers any dark circles or blemishes is a must-have. Hereby you will have to see that the concealer is not harsh on your skin. As our eye skin area requires extra attention because of its delicate nature. So opt for a concealer which delivers skincare benefits while also brightening, concealing, blurring, and color correcting. You can also use primer along with the concealer and different shades of concealer to create a perfect soft, vibrant, illuminative, fresh skin appearance. Try different shades of concealers and see what works for you the best.

2- Eyeshadow Palette of your choice

You can create a smoky eye effect by using different pastels, aqua, and shades of different browns, grays and blacks. But your eyeshadow palette must give you the variety of bronze, gold, and copper colors, too. The natural-tomes help you brighten up the eye area, while shimmering colors add definition to your eyes. Having said so, the matte shade range is always easy to use, and gives a dramatic effect to your eyes overall. Their coordination of all colors is up to you as only you know what kind of a color splash suits you, and what you want to experiment with while creating a smoky eye effect.

3- Sharpen shader eyeshadow brush

Blending is the key, no doubt, when it comes to applying make-up. Although before blending your smoky eye, use a densely packed eyeshadow brush, which is soft but edgy at the same time. It allows the eyeshadow to look more intense and defined. Normally, a large shader makeup brush effectively transfers pigment from the eyeshadow pot or box onto your eye lid. This brush which has soft, but strong bristles, gives the shape to the eye in no time. Absolute brilliant strokes can be achieved using this brush. When you blend the base color and eyeshadows with which you define your optical feature, this brush is very helpful.

4- Refine blending brush

A fluffy blending brush is just magical. As it ensures that the base shade, crease, and highlight colors all blend in well, without the appearance of any harsh lines. is key to ensuring that your base, crease, and highlight colors all flow into each other seamlessly with no harsh lines. This fluffy, brush features soft synthetic bristles, which are designed keeping in view specifically to help blend and spread colors evenly on your eye lids with perfection.

5- Gel or liquid eyeliner option

This black eyeliner, which is seamless and stays on for long, is preferred normally. You can use the water-proof options too, if you want. Many like the gel-textured eye liners because they are rich in color and easily blend in. Ofcourse to prevent smudges and create a mesmerizing smokey eye effect, the eye liner is your best friend. You can blend in the eyeliner or keep it as sharp as you want. In short experiment, and create the awesome look you want for yourself.

6- Jet black mascara

Black rocks most of the time as per a color choice. Symbol of class, elegance and power indeed. When you apply a good

black mascara on your eye lashes, after you curl your eyelashes with the eye. lash curler. It opens ups your eyes; the length of your lashes seems increased too. So is their volume. The lucious curls of your eye lashes give your eyes a dreamy, dramatic look. Hereby never over-do a product but be generous in application of mascara as well, if you want extra volume eyelash look. You can use water-proof or regular Mascara as per your choice. To remove waterproof mascara, you can use gentle make-up remover, vaseline or micellar water.

Now with the help of all these products, start creating your desired look of smokey eyes.

How to apply

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Put primer on your eyes first, and use appropriate concealers to smooth and give brilliant coverage to the whole eye area. Then, with the help of a fluff, and sharpen-shredder brush, using your eyeshadow palette, create your desired look. Blend in all shades excellently, and leave no edges or lines. Finish off with the eyeliner and mascara. You can draw any shape of line with the eyeliner which suits you. And for extra thickness of lashes, apply the mascare once, let it dry, and powder your lashes.

Remove any extra powder with the help of an extra fluff brush, and then re-apply the mascara once more. Don’t forget to use eye curler for a dramatic, dreamy eyes effect. You can put diamantes, or sequences at the edge or corner of your eyes with the help of eyelash glue to add more glam to your eyes if you want. Lace sequence can also be used to enhance the overall smokey eyes effect. So what are you waiting for”? Achieve your desired look right away.




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