How to Preserve Garlic for Month by making a braid of garlic bulbs?

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Food preservation and restoration have been the norm of human civilizations in one form or another for ages. No doubt in today’s world where we see so much development in the technological field, we are quite wrapped up in our own comfort zone and lost touch with our traditions with the passage of time.

Our ancestors used to preserve food; braiding of garlic was almost a regular norm. |Let’s bring back this tradition to life once more and preserve all food items from wastage as much as we can.

The duration of garlic storage can be prolonged as long as four or six months. If we see it from the aesthetic perspective, well-braid garlic looks quite classy.

Let’s discuss the steps of preserving garlic.

Step 1- The garlic bulbs which you want to preserve never pull them out from stems

That garlic that you want to preserve doesn’t pull out its stems. Be gentle and extra careful as you take out the garlic from your ground. Just make sure that the garlic bulb and stem are fully secured, this way, it will be strong enough to remain fresh and strong when stored.

Step 2- Never wash the garlic bulbs which you wish to preserve

The garlic which you want to preserve never washes that. If garlic bulbs get moist, they won’t be able to fulfill your need for storage. Keep the garlic bulbs in a place where air passes-by easily and sunlight is available. Make sure that the rack you use to put garlic on is never wet.

Step 3- Clean the Garlic when it dries out completely

Now this step is important because any extra skin, roots, or Mudd can spoil your storage. So with the help of a soft brush or with gentle hand use clean the garlic.

Step 4- How to make a Braid of the Garlic?

Now it’s time after cleaning, drying, and trimming to make a braid of the garlic bulbs. Take three garlic bulbs at a time and place them as you make a hair bread where all are crossing on top of each other. Repeat the process over and over again until you are done with all the garlic bulbs. in the end, it will look like human bread if you made it right, the only difference would be that in this braid you used garlic bulbs instead of human hair.




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