How to Provide Better Care to Our Older Adults

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When transitioning into an elderly life age it starts to bring along its own challenges. It’s a known fact that in later years, many people require assistance in their everyday lives to run their daily errands. The need becomes more crucial if the elder adult is suffering from a chronic or end-of-life medical condition. At this point obviously help is needed to perform tasks such as bathing, eating, and attending to daily life matters.

When it comes to taking care of older people not everyone is suitable for it or tends to be patient and devote fully to this noble cause. This requires a unique skill set and, more importantly, empathy and polite nature.

Though Aging is a truth of life even then, It’s often difficult for people to understand and adjust to the fact that they’ve become dependent on others. Requiring assistance for everyday tasks leads to compromises in their own privacy which is very difficult for many.

These issues put additional pressure on Older Adults in many ways. Stressful conditions often lead to anxiety and depression. Therefore, hiring a professional caregiver for the elderly if you can afford it is financially considered to be the best workable option.

Caring for an older person can be challenging because with age many people have not been able to do things on their own which aggravates anger irritation, frustration, and a sense of loss of meaning in life. Every Older adult responses towards being aged, in a different way in life situations. Therefore its imperative to realize plus rationalize facts and realities to deal with the situations at hand.

If you are taking care of any Older Adult you must consider these facts:-

1- Develop a trusting caring healthy relationship with the Older Adult

You must develop a trusting, caring, and healthy relationship with the Elderly you are taking care of. Be polite and smile often. Understand that things will go wrong many times but remain your calm intact. You must never yell or scream in front of or at Older Adults whom you are taking care of. Developing the best possible relationship is the main key factor to consider for providing the best care to the Aging Elderly

Always keep in mind while providing care to Older Adult, That the necessary skills to handle the complexities of Elderly Care requires, Absolute Focus and Sense of Responsibility from you as Caregiver.

Advice for caregivers

2- Be polite and patient at all times

As a professional caregiver, or if you are taking care of a loved one as an Elderly Adult, you may find yourself in situations that will test your patience to the limits. You’ll perhaps encounter a variety of different personalities of elderly adults. Some of them may be irritating in their own way and may show anger whereas others might be shy and introverted.

3- Older adults with Physical Disability

Those Older adults who have physical disabilities of any kind are more challenging at times. As an example, an older adult with a hearing disability will require you to repeat things in a conversation many times. Those who have chronic pain, mild stroke, or suffering from any crucial illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc, can also lead to challenging situations on and off. That is when it is your test to remain calm and without letting the person feel bad in any way, you must extend your care with full honesty and devotion. You need to be empathetic towards the fact that the person you’re taking care of is dependent on you and when you get old, the same situation can be with you too.  

4- Compassion and Empathy

Being compassionate helps develop a better relationship with the elderly, it ensures solving many behavioral problems and leads to a pleasant environment. Older people are vulnerable and many have some physical or mental disability, which holds them back from being independent which they hate. Some of these Older Adults are abandoned by their loved ones because of their loved one’s own selfishness or not being able to care for the older adults by themselves. This causes additional emotional damage to Aging adults’ health, mentally and physically. By being empathetic and kind to them in this difficult time of their life you help them cope with the stress of life and give them a purpose in life, letting them know that all is not lost. This way you can significantly help ease the emotional pain that comes with old age and dealing with illnesses. No doubt showing and being compassionate is one of the most effective ways possible of delivering the best care to Older Adults.

5- Talk to them and hear them out

Another important thing to consider as a caregiver is, how effectively you can communicate with the person you are responsible to take care of. By being natural, caring, and supportive you can comfortably conversate with elderly people.

This helps to generate a stronger, trustworthy, emotional bond between the caregiver and Older Adult. Healthy communication acts as a distraction for people from things that might be troubling them. This will facilitate the person whom you are looking after and will help you as well to do your task well. Do Interact with other family members or doctors to facilitate older adults in your care better.

6- Safety comes first

Safety is the key element when taking care of the Elderly. Remind yourself at all times that the slightest negligence can become a matter of life and death if things in any way go wrong at any point. Avoid the smallest injuries and accidents because in older people injuries that could happen due to falls can be more dangerous. Considering that their bones are weak and cannot heal quickly. Be extremely careful when assisting them around slippery areas, especially in the bathrooms or outdoors. Take necessary precautionary measures while driving, running daily errands for them. Never leave loose wires or things lying down on the floor or stairs to prevent accidents. Be constantly observant with those Older adults who suffers from any kind of mental illness. 

7- Hygiene and Medications

Maintaining quality hygiene is significantly important. If people are shy or have privacy issues. This is a very common phenomenon in the elderly to be shy or hate their privacy being compromised. It’s not surprising at all to know that older people feel embarrassed when caregivers have to bathe them and dress them up but to maintain their hygiene you must address their needs and build a trusting and caring environment to carry out your task with ease to avoid any more health-related issues rising due to any hygiene problems.

Just like that taking care of Daily Medications for Older adults is very important. Mostly they are under constant medications, therefore you must make sure that they are taking their medicines on time and you must remain aware of all side effects of the medication in case if an emergency occurs. Review medications and administer the prescribed dosage rightly. Help Older Adult if he/she forgets to take medicines on their own.

The bottom line is: At times you will face many challenges when giving care to Older people. Here is a need that, You must grow with every challenge and make your care span even better. With devotion and empathy, help Older Adults sail smoothly, through a very difficult phase of their lives. Serve humanity and do your part to serve others, As a responsible, caring human being.




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