How to provide comforting care for Troubleshooting Leaks to older adults?

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The problem faced by many caregivers who look after an elderly loved one is the amount of excessive laundering due to overnight leaks.

A hectic constant routine of stripping the bedclothes, washing, drying, and re-making the bed is not only time-consuming and exhausting for the caregiver at the same time it can be a real physically draining exercise for an older adult too who is facing it. Some would agree that more than the physical hassle of getting disturbed again and again to make the bed or change clothes, the mental embarrassment of the Older Adult is way more. They feel not only helpless but hugely depressed due to their helplessness and growing age factors.

Well here are some useful tips for reducing or eliminating overnight leaks to ease life for The Older Adult who is facing it, as well as the Caregiver who is providing care to the Innocent, loved Older Adult.

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1. Use a Premium Overnight Product

There are products specifically designed for overnight use that help in the whole process and facilitate Caregivers and Older adults involved in this situation. Some products have a better combination of absorption materials. Newly introduced features like leg cuffs and a super-absorbent core that holds up to 40+ ounces of liquid have been introduced by different brands in the market.

2. Booster Pad

A booster pad is made with a highly absorbent material that is way more effective than a normal adult pad.

Because of its better absorption material. booster pad can add to absorption capacity by 10 to 15 Ounces. When you use a booster pad as a caregiver you must remember that it must be used inside of an existing diaper or brief.

3. According to personal needs lookout for different fits and brand products

To avoid leakage at night, an absorbent product will work most of the time. Though if using with brief, if there are gaps in leg area or at the backside, a leak may happen and in the middle of night Caregiver along with the Older adult will be restless and the process of change of sheets and worn clothes plus making bed again will be a must.

To be on the safe side, compare two, three different products and see what really works for you and whom you are taking care of, according to your situations, needs, and budget.

4. Use of under pad

After trying different brands to find the right fit for use, if still experiencing leaks then underpad is the last defense to avoid leakage hitting the bedsheets and disturbing Caregiver and Older Adult in deep sleep in the middle of the night. Therefore Assisted Living Facilities such as Old homes or Nursing homes, prefer to use disposable underpads, so they can be thrown away daily.

If you have a limited Budget and don’t have enough means to afford and spend on required products, you can save money by using reusable Underpads for your Older Adult whom you are taking care of in your family. Wash, disinfect, and dry them properly to Reuse multiple times before disposing of.

No doubt in this way being a Caregiver you have to do more laundry but it can be a workable solution for many families who don’t have sufficient financial resources to buy products when one has to look after all necessities of other family members too, yet have to take care of the needs of their loved Older Adult.

5- Limit liquid intake after 5 pm to avoid restless nights: “For Older Adult receiving the care and for Caregiver”

Consuming more liquid after dinner let’s say 15 to 20 Ounces makes your digestive tract full and it increases the need for it to come out later. So cut back on liquids after 5 pm, to facilitate an easier night routine for all involved.

Whether you are taking care of an older adult in your Own Family or in an Assisted Living Facility that supports “Developmentally Disabled Adults”, you must use products that facilitate a healthy routine to make your strategies work for extending restful nights patterns for all involved. Keep on taking care of your Older loved Ones with ease and comfort for them and you.




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