Human activities impact on climate change

Human activities impact on climate change
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Human activities impact on climate change. The answer is, yes. It is the case indeed! We must know and spread the good word ahead. We live on planet earth and call it home. But do we actually care about our home as we should? It is a valid question to ask ourselves. The human race has been surviving on planet Earth for thousands of years. Since humans became too much dependent on fossil fuels things began to change.

Global warming is effecting us all badly

We talk about global warming, which means that on earth we all will experience fewer cold days, and more very hot days. Gradually this all will intensify. The duration of it will become longer and longer. More heat waves, more moisture in the air, more warmer extreme high temperatures. And also extreme rainfalls as well as droughts, more tropical cyclones, and more long dry spells.

Human induction to global warming

Are human activities impacting extreme climate change? Seems like we sure are impacting. We humans, through burning fossil fuels too much are causing severe climate shifts. We burn gasoline in our cars, and when cars are run using gasoline, the fossil fuel produces poisonous gases and pollute the air around us which we all breathe. Carbon monoxide fills our lungs every second.

These pollutants along with chlorofluorocarbons are harming our O-xone layer gradually. Small holes are all over now in our atmospheric O-xone layer, due to which the solar religion prevention provided to us by nature is decreasing at an immense speed.

Industrial revolution and global warming

No doubt that the industrial revolution helped us in many ways. As with the help of machines humans were able to perform most tough tasks in very little time. But doing all that, it seems as if we did not take enough precautionary measures to protect our climate, sadly. The industrial revolution is playing its part, too, in increasing the global warming threat. The machines need power to run, and for that they need fossil fuels burning, which produce smoke and pollutants.

That is why human activities are causing excessive carbon dioxide on earth. Which is also absorbing the thermal energy that could heat the earth in a natural, harmless way. Due to all this, global warming’s increasing threat, is being felt all over the world.

Pollution ruins oceans

Are human activities impacting extreme climate change? Yes, because it’s not about blaming us for something that does not exist in reality. We see human impact on nature in good and bad ways everyday. One example could be, the disposal of untreated chemical water. Often untreated chemical water from industry is directly drained into the oceans, due to which marine life is getting affected at a rapid speed. So much plastic use is also a huge problem.

Realize our mistakes and work together for betterment

The need of the hour is, to realize our mistakes and work together in our own capacity for the betterment of mother earth. Because only this can secure the future of us and our children. We don’t need to call the earth our home, but we ‘ve got to believe in that fact fully. It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect, care for, and look after our home, our planet earth.




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