If You have a bruise What the Significant Color of Your Bruise tells you

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A bruise is also known as a contusion. It is a kind of hematoma of tissue. The common reason for bruises could be that because of some trauma the capillaries inside our skin get damaged. Most bruises are not very deep under the skin, which is why the bleeding that extravasates into the surroundings of internal tissues, causes a visible discoloration. However, the human body has its own way of telling you about it’s healing process. If a bruise is painful or very large, you may feel numbness or weakness, abdominal pain, or frequent nose or gum bleeding. You must consult a doctor immediately because this can be serious. Even if there is swelling around the bruised area, seek immediate medical help.

Though most bruises are not a matter of concern and in a small amount of time go away by themselves. If you give minor bruising home treatment and care, they heal speedily. The soreness which comes with the injury gets relieved too.

If you somehow have a bruise, and are now path to recovering from it, that bruise changes color . As we heal an iron-rich substance in our blood ( hemoglobin breaks down into other compounds. That process is responsible for making the bruise change its color .

Stages of a bruise

  1. Initially, if one has an injury, the bruise usually turns red.
  2. After a day or two the bruise turns purplish or black /blue.
  3. Within five to ten days the bruise may turn into a green or yellow shade.
  4. Finally, before recovering fully , in ten to fourteen days bruise looks like it had a yellowish-brown or very light brown time.
  5. However, if you get bruised by any chance, doesn’t matter how minor it is, the sooner you will address it and take care of it, the faster you will heal.

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