Importance of knowing the basics of sewing skill

Importance of knowing the basics of sewing skill
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Importance of knowing the basics of sewing skill. Designing and sewing clothes is a form of self-expression. Every craft has its unique values and traits attached to it. Not all can master all crafts. But at least knowing the basics of the most needed crafts in life, makes life easy. Sewing is a craft which has been around since the Ice Age.

Over the years humans have learned things in many different ways. the impact of this learning has been on sewing craft, too.

Humans have gone from using a bone needle to sew skin and fur to highly skilled machines that can sew buttons and pockets. Sophisticated and most stylish fashion garments all require needle work too. May it be manual or with the help of sewing machines.

According to our observation, we can say that basically for these reasons one should be accustomed to the basic knowledge of sewing craft.

Sewing offers you a personal touch

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If you are designing clothes for daily wear or as a professional, the art of sewing helps you accomplish your task. First of all, you need to see what kind of fabric, cloth you are using to make your dress.

It could be linen, satin, cotton etc. Some fabrics are stretchable and easy to handle, whereas others require very delicate handling. So know your fabric before you start stitching it. Then see which stitching method you want to adopt for certain kind of fabric you have chosen for you.

Create a sample piece first

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When you plan to stitch a fabric. try to stitch a small sample first instead of directly applying your stitching skills to the main piece of fabric. This caution, especially for those who are emerging designers, is a must. Doing so and sampling the cloth first before stitching saves a lot of time, energy and money. Seldom fabric is very expensive, especially if it has been stitched for any special occasion. So it is better to take no chance of ruining it. Again, knowing your material which you like to work with helps you a lot.

Nothing can compare a hand-made stuff

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When you know your fabric and stay cautipous before stiching it you learn self-discplin, decision making and planning thorouhly before taking action.

Clothing is part of our daily lives

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This simple technique of focusing and staying attentive makes many wrongs go right. Clothing is a normal part of everyone’s lives. We sometimes fail to realize that a lot of our clothing was handmade by someone else.

Stitching craft makes us value the people who make their living through this craft

Many people sew clothes for others to make a living. To know how much effort they put to sew clothes for you, once in a while you need to place yourself in their shoes so you can appreciate their talent fully.

Therefore, even if you are not a professional designer or cloth maker, as a hobby try to get acquainted with stitching craft in your spare time.

Materials/Tools you will be needing to sew

Hand Needles-Sewing Needles

Hand needles will help you sew on buttons and smaller tasks; the sewing needles will go onto the sewing machine.


Quality thread that won’t break easily. Therefore, choose a quality thread for your project.

Sewing Machine

If you know how to use a sewing machine, your life becomes easier. sewing machine stitch together pieces of clothing and assist you in making the final finished piece of clothing.

Measuring Tape

When stitching a fabric for your own self or any other person. First thing is to take appropriate measurements. Measuring time does the job for you to take accurate measurements.

Push Pins

These small friends of fabrics will keep your fabric in place while you sew and help you avoid any mistakes.

Fabric Scissors

These are the scissors way different than hair cutting scissors. Fabric Scissors which are sharp and fine-cut, all kinds of fabric and loose thread ends without any trouble

Rotary Cutter

This easy-to-roll blade helps you cut your fabric faster. Especially around curves, this little buddy helps you achieve perfection while you stitch your fabric.

Seam Ripper

This small tool is a very effective aid in the stitching process. Because mistakes can be made no matter how hard you try to avoid them,. so you’ll need a seam ripper to make it easy to take the stitches out and try again.

Chalk or Washable Markers

These will help you appropriately mark your fabric according to the measurements taken. According to the shape and requirement paln.

A Cutting Board

determine your area of cutting and keep your cutting board dry, free of any odor. Declutter the area and only keep it relevant to stitching there. When working with a blade, stay conscious.

Know your fabric. Choose what you really want according to the occasion or plan in your mind. Ask yourself, can you handle the fabric while stitching it with ease? And after receiving the answer from your inside, buy your rightly chosen fabric.




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