Jewelry Speaks Volumes

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As far as love of jewelry is concerned, it really knows how to make people happy. It is not only about having it is as wealth, but it adds to confidence and feeling good about yourself. The sparkle of it brings smiles and joy to people.

From the old ages up till now, different pieces of jewelry symbolize different messages in the form of security, elegance, prosperity, confidence, style, and fashion. It showcases the features of memories and blessings too at times.

The word jewelry has been derived from the word jewel. which came from the French origin word, “Joul.” Beyond that, “Joul” was derived from the Latin word “Jocale.” Jocale meant playful things.

According to history, the first piece of jewelry is dated 40,000 years back. The first piece of jewelry was worn by The Cro-Magnons, who were ancestors of Homosapien. Their jewelry included, crude necklaces and bracelets which they used to make with teeth, bones, and stone stitched to animal sinew.

In Modern times as well. Jewelry is considered to enhance one’s beauty and charm. Plus, it symbolizes status, wealth, and power.

Jewelry consists of items that are worn for personal adornments. Jewelry includes rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, cufflinks, etc. Jewelry can be attached to clothes or body. Jewelry is made of jewels and precious metals.

Jewelry is worn considering them as decorative items. Jewelry is made of precious and nonprecious items such as gold, silver, plastic, and glass.

In other words, we can say that these ornamental pieces can be made with genuine material as well as imitated material. In addition to gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, gems and stones are used in jewelry making.

Some animal and vegetable products are also used which have precious characteristics, such as amber, pearls, and coral. Some people wear jewelry as part of their tradition and culture as well.

Types of jewelry can be defined such as-

  • Antique Jewelry
  • Wedding Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Kundan Jewelry
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Bead Jewelry
  • Filigree Jewelry

The special thing about jewelry is that it makes us create memories and transfer memories from generation to generation, as mostly family jewelry is kept with care and love, and given in form of a gift or inheritance to the younger generation. When we possess a special piece of jewelry given to us by someone close to our heart, every time we wear it we feel the love, care, and many times, blessings of that particular person, too.

As a gift, jewelry surely appeals to women a lot, as jewelry within itself is not just a purchase for women but as well which often passes from generation to generation as a lasting, valuable, memorable piece of appreciation.

Most women wear jewelry as they like how it looks and especially how it looks on them. Jewelry importance raises often when it is associated with personal significance.

Some people collect jewelry as memories, some as a sign of wealth, some keep it as the heritage of later generations, and some keep jewelry as reminders of people, places, or a specific event. Women wear jewelry to feel good, beautiful, and confident as well as to accessorize.

Jewelry also tells a person’s personality. For example, dangling necklaces and extravagant rings are mostly worn by bubbly and cheerful ones. Therefore, discover your personality and select your chosen piece of jewelry to be kept in your collection.




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