Look after your Gut Health

Look after your Gut Health
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Look after your Gut Health. Our gut supports our health in many ways, as 75 to 80 percent of our immunity depends on how healthy our gut is. If the gut is healthy. That supports our brain, the appearance of our skin, and other body functions. Our gut also helps us in maintaining our body weight.

The term gut Microbiome” is used for the microorganisms living in your intestine. An average person has 300 to 500 different species of bacteria in his/her digestive tract. Some microorganisms are harmful to our gut, while others are highly beneficial to having a healthy body.

Whereas having good bacteria in our gut can enhance our immune system function, improve anxiety and depression symptoms, in us. To maintain a healthy gut is necessary and you can do it by eating food that supports and strengthens your gut health.

Gut health has two main factors

1- Probiotics

Probiotics are those bacteria that are considered to be good for our gut health.

2- Prebiotics

Prebiotics are the right kind of food for these good bacteria in our gut.

Gut supportive food

When we eat healthy, and supportive food for our healthy gut bacteria, it helps our body and maintains our over-health. It also supports our immune system. Probiotics are found in the form of supplements, too, as well as in fermented food.

Whole grain food, fruits and vegetables all contain good bacteria for our gut. Pickles are also enriched with healthy bacteria. When we eat pickles, it releases healthy digestive enzymes in our body which allows our bodies to absorb calcium, and minerals in a better way.

That is why fermented pickles are used by many to keep the gut healthy. Buttermilk also supports our gut health as it supports the digestion process and maintains our health.

Many consider rice to be supportive for our gut health too, as they have protein and starch in them, which is an adorable source of food for healthy bacteria. Eating bananas for gut health is also a healthy choice. Consume more fiber and plant-based food. Lean protein is also a good option.

Avoid high sugar or sodium diets to keep your stomach from being upset or constipated. Look after your sleep cycle. Don’t overwork your body. Go for healthy lifestyle choices, stretch your body, and exercise regularly.

Any food which you are allergic to stay careful never to consume it. Food intolerance causes too many problems.

Try not to take stress, keep yourself hydrated, and add a prebiotic or probiotic supplement to your diet (after consulting with your health practitioner).




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