Make full use of your coffee filters now!

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Lots of people use paper filters for coffee because they are convenient.  Doing so we usually have a spare quantity of paper filters available to us all the time to keep the product handy.

We spend our hard-earned bucks to keep the extra stock and sometimes the leftovers are plenty, more than what we need.

So why not be creative and make use of our coffee filters in a couple of other smart ways too?

For instance, you can use a few coffee filters which are extra as the room deodorizers. This way the air in your room will be fresh and scented.

What you can do is, take a paper filter, cone-shaped or basket-shaped, add a few teaspoons of baking soda in it, and secure the cons of the baskets with rubber bands or by tieing them as fanciful as you want.

You may now place the small pouches, according to your convenience, in all rooms or around the house where you want them to be placed to take away the odor instantly.

With this small idea, you will reap big benefits, as using this idea will clean the air around your house and will absorb all the odor (at least most of it).

To be sure that this trick works, you should conduct this whole experiment properly. You can through these pouches under sofas, in the corners behind indoor plant pots, and in cupboards, or kitchen drawers. This will make the ambiance of your home, clean, and odor-free.

One more amazing part about this technique is, that you can keep your coffee filters fresh to deodorize your house by replacing the old baking soda after a week with the new baking soda dose.

This way you can use your coffee filters a couple of times to serve this task.

How splendid, indeed, to make these inexpensive powerful deodorized small pouches all by yourself. So choose to live smart and try this tip, right away for healthy, odorless house maintenance.




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