Most Expensive Shoe Companies

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Stuart Weitzman

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The designer started his career in designing and then never looked back. Stuart’s shoes made their significant place on the red carpet. These are most popular for their platinum bases and diamond studding. One pair can be worth millions of dollars at times. This shoe line is considered to be one of the most expensive ones in women’s shoes. Unique material, comfortable crafting of each pair to give ease to the customer’s foot is the main focus of this brand. every pair from this brand is highly eyecatching and unique.

Louis Vuitton

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This is a brand that needs no introduction at all. Whether it’s luggage bags. accessories, handbags, or shoes, this brand happens to maintain the loyalty, and interest of its clients intact. Soft leather, lining, and the hand-made touch all add up to the class of this brand. Amazing stitching and addressing minor details is another quality of this brand. Though the brand is around 150 years old, the glow of it only increases with time. Whenever class, status, and luxury are considered, Louis Vuitton comes in topmost.


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Gucci is an Italian brand that was initially based in Florance. The brand is the symbol of the super-rich. This brand has a touch of class on its own. The exclusivity and the sheer class are mindblowing in every product introduced by this brand. Handbags, luggage, accessories, shoes they have in each niche class of their own. It’s considered a very tasteful yet elegant brand. Gucci has stretched it’s self in retailing, too, and has exclusive stores all over. The brand is also known as the bourgeois Renaissance. The exotic material really complements its price. Therefore, ninety years have passed, but its glory manages to stay alive and inspire more and more each day.

Alexander McQueen

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This glamorous and comfortable brand has a wide range of shoes. The signature look of it, style, and comfort are class apart. The style of these shoes carries a divine contemporary look. It’s liked by celebrities and people from all walks of life. Comfort, yet grace is the basic essence which every pair of shoes.

Stuart Weitzmanholds an American Designer, The diamond dream Stiletto shoe. Although Stuart Weitzman has designed only a few shoes, each pair comes in the most expensively celebrated shoes. Most of his work he designed keeping the red carpet and celebrities in mind. His work is very delicate and glamorous.




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