Ponytail Facelift Intro

Ponytail Facelift Intro
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Ponytail Facelift Intro, seems to be trending. No doubt countless of us want lifted jowls, temples, midface, upperneck, chin, cheeks, forehead, want our face to look fresh and young. Here comes how a ponytail facelift can provide a dramatic anti-aging look in no time.

Plastic Surgeons says that this can be done by just treating areas that are sagging instead of addressing the whole face. This has to be kept in mind too, that face surgery works for everyone differently as all people have different issues, and requirements.

Someone who is going through early signs of aging ponytail helps. It is in a way different than the facelift we knew before. This is more defined and exact. The incisions are placed completely in the hairline, not behind the ears, so it doesn’t show. Your surgeon will put different and special sutures around the jowls, brows, eyelids which will lift and pull these areas without excising skin.

Then dermal fillers will be placed in particular areas of the face to give a more defined look. To add volume, and to have youthful appearance.

Ponytail facelift is said to provide dramatic facelift with minimal recovery time. In traditional surgery, patients need to allow the sutures and dermal fillers to settle in the skin perfectly before resuming a normal life. But in this surgery, normally patients are told to rest for seven days before they resume their normal work routine.

The preparation protocol for the ponytail face lift will be according to your plastic surgeon’s advice. But few advice is common, such as : no smoking, no blood thinners a month before procedure, healthy lifestyle, and healthy body weight, as well as don’t go after dramatic changes. The more natural, and minimal it is, the more beautiful it will look, understand your needs, and never over-do.

The best possible solution for skin aging is to look after your skin daily and adopt a healthy skin care routine. Keep it minimal but constant.

Safety Precautions Takeaway:

Always one must go for a plastic surgeon that is licensed, board certified plastic surgeon and is known to be highly good and reputable in his/her work. Getting information about the ponytail face lift in detail is a must, too.

Assessing the cost of the procedure has to be considered too. Moreover, get awareness about side effects. One must also know fully about the after care procedure of ponytail face lift. Most importantly, one must not do anything driven by ones impulse only.

Think about it thoroughly. Consult and discuss it with family, and friends. Consult it in detail with the chosen plastic surgeon.

Safety comes first, and after understanding each aspect, fully, one should make an informed decision about having it or not having it.




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