Hello dear ones! My name is Soha M. How I define myself is an ordinary person with extraordinary charisma and a keenness to keep on learning and translating my learnings into my views sharing.

I believe in You vs You. Meaning, the biggest competition we can give to ourselves to become better is by our own selves. Based on this idea, I pursued my personal development coach career.

Besides being a personal development coach, beauty is my passion. I love to read, write, and explore new things. Along with in person, I engage with all of you, “the wider audience”, using my online platforms. I connect with you through my Writing, Vlogs, and Podcasts. Somehow, the curious child in me seems to never be satisfied. So I keep on learning through observing, experiencing whatever life extends my way.

Let me add that whatever I did up until now, my family believed in me and encouraged me. Due to this I was able to invest my time in my work, which I love, instead just following the usual routine of life, day in, day out kind of stuff. For this, I am highly grateful to God Almighty.

Offering personal development and improvement services has been my life’s greatest joy. So is my beauty passion.

As a student of life, learning from my life, experiences and learning from other people’s shared experiences and stories, I am able to narrate my own. Finding my path, I try to help people around the world through my forums, who want to grow and live an aware, abundant, happy, beautiful life.

Along with finding beauty in people, nature and all living beings, making people look and feel beautiful is my passion too. This beauty passion of mine compelled me to start Toffee Beauty n Style.

I believe anyone can transform their life to become better, beautiful and successful if the constant willingness is there. The urge and hunger to convert meaningful thoughts into meaningful, productive actions. Of course, through understanding yourself better, being disciplined and focused, one, can achieve one’s desired goals. So join me on Heighten-up and Toffee beauty n style to learn and extend the learning to help others. Create a better connected and productive environment for you and for others.

Hereby let me say that I make no big claims; no long writings, as I believe that our actions must speak louder than our words.

I invite you all to take a moment and ask yourself what is the true meaning of the existence of a person? Have you ever considered it? Have you ever thought about it?

Well, to me, the true meaning of existence is to find yourself and your life purpose. I found my life purpose in my writings, podcasting and in establishing Heighten-up and Toffee Beauty n Style platforms to help myself know life better and to help all who connect with me. Find our online content engaging and useful.

When I was growing up; My parents always encouraged me to establish a joyful, meaningful existence. My Mom always says, in life, when you feel your life is even 40 percent sorted, that is the time to go ahead and help others. Teach what you have learned. Let others find their paths by engaging, collaborating and communicating with others through available forums in your own capacity. And that’s what I did.




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