Protein Shakes facts and myths

Protein Shakes facts and myths
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Protein Shakes facts and myths. Protein shakes are enjoyable yet are loaded with health benefits. You can either buy protein shakes from the market or make your own home-made protein shake powder. The options are multiple. So many ingredients can be added to the recipes of protein shakes and can be enjoyed.

Purpose of protein shakes

Normally people used to think before that protein shakes are only good for body-building purpose; it is in a way correct. But it is true, too, that protein shakes are an essential source for our daily protein intake requirements.

The way protein shakes works

Proteins help us maintain a healthy weight, support our muscles, and ligaments. Helps in combating the aging effects on our bodies. For weight loss, too, people use protein shakes to convert fat into muscles.

Including protein shakes in your daily routine

You can have them as your breakfast, meal, or as a snack. In the form of smoothies, they are no less than a yummy self-treat. You can add bananas, multiple frozen fruits, oats, brown rice, nuts, seeds to your home-made protein shake. In nuts you can use almonds, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts for extra richness. In seeds you can use pumpkin, flax, chia, or hemp seeds for the added benefits.

For fiber you can use barley or wheat oats. In fruits you can add frozen peaches, apricots, bananas, berries, or any other fruit which has high protein content in it.

As well as any other ingredients of your choice which you want to add after you research about them fully and know how much protein content they have.

For additional flavour

Some people for additional flavor add cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and also chocolate powder, vanilla essence, and powdered milk, to make different flavors of protein shakes.

It’s your choice to use a full-fledged ready-to-use good branded protein shake powder to fulfill your needs if you don’t want to go for home protein shake options.

Precautionary Takeaway:

Always make a home-made protein shake, or buy the powder from the market after checking all ingredients. You must know about your allergies of any sort. And any medical condition you may have. As many people tend to be allergic to nuts, and some fruits too.

In some case berries too, so make an aware choice. Never take a risk when it comes to your health, ever. Check with your dietician, nutritionist or health practitioner when ever you go for adding a new routine. Or bring about an even a smaller change in your diet, eating habits or exercise routine.

Also, being on the safe side is always good, and in the long run sustainable.




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