Relationship between our breathing habits and our skin

Relationship between our breathing habits and our skin
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Relationship between our breathing habits and our skin, is quite strong. Breathwork techniques such as alternate nostril breathing, belly breathing, yoga breathing, and diaphragmatic breathing can increase your skin’s health, vibrance, glow, and vitality to the next level.

Activation of parasympathetic nervous system

When you are mindful, and focus on your breathing practices, it ables you to associate with deeper breathing practices, brings a rhythm to your breathing, makes it slow, smooth, calm, and mindful. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system.

This helps you to release all toxic thoughts; negativity trapped inside. Also provides you relief in multiple health conditions, release tension, and increase the blood flow to your skin cells.

lymphatic drainage and toxic substance release

It helps in stimulating the lymphatic drainage system of your body so all the toxic substances trapped in our body flow out. If you have inflammation, acne breakouts, or are upset by the dryness of the skin, deep, mindful breathing can give relief to all these conditions.

If due to asthma, nose blockade or for any other reason you breathe through your mouth while you are sleeping, it takes away the hydration from your skin. The moisture within your mouth evaporates quickly, leaving your mouth, and skin appearance dry.

Nasal breathing versus mouth breathing

Mouth breathing not only drys your mouth out, but it breaks the barrier against oral bacteria. It can contribute to bad breath, too. During night time our body and skin cells get a chance to heal them on their own, body tissues within us get a chance to rebuild, and revive. When you sleep with your mouth open, it minimizes this chance, as the moisture eveporates, and our skin looks flacky, and dull.

Whereas nasal breathing releases “nitric oxide”, which helps in increasing circulation of blood, and delivering sufficient oxygen to your body cells. Nitric oxide also plays a vital role in bringing glow, and vibrance to your skin. Water loss can cause dehydration of your body and skin; that is why keep yourself hydrated at all times. Optimal water intake not only supports all your body functions, but it makes your skin texture smooth; keeps it looking nourished, and looked after.

Skin cell repair

Remember that the more oxygen your body cells will get, the more your skin will glow as it will give a chance to your skin cells to repair, and rebuild on their own.

Therefore, try mindful, deep breathing techniques. Moisturize your skin regularly. Always take care of your skin hydration by taking optimal amounts of fluids, and by using good products. As moisture is the key to healthy, youthful skin.




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