Saving Water & Electricity

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In today’s world, we cannot think of living without electricity for even a day. Water is not just essential for life. In fact, it is life. Electricity and water are needed in every sector of life constantly. All existence of life requires these fundamentals.

Whether you work in an office, run a business, industry, or household, you require water and electricity to run your daily errands. It’s a must that we realize how important it is for us to save water and electricity so that everyone can be benefited from these resources.

For cooking, cleaning, painting, basic hygiene, taking a bath, brushing our teeth, watering our plants and above all, for drinking, we need water. Wastage of water can lead to a shortage of water for a huge population. Another factor which we must know about water is water pollution, which is rising at an alarming rate.
To run our appliances, charge our cell phones, electronic devices, lifts, malls, restaurants, homes, factories, defense systems, in every village and city, in every corner, in every walk of life, we require electricity to complete every task.

Why must we save electricity and water?

1- Electricity and Water resources are not unlimited.

2- Using electricity comes with a cost, and the same goes for water, so to cut our long bills short, and to reduce the burden on our financial pocket, saving electricity and water with care is uttermost necessary.

3- The population of the world is increasing, but the resources available to them are not increasing relatively. Therefore, it’s a must to use resources at hand carefully, for us and for future generations to come.

4- Water is life in every sip so use it consciously and don’t waste it unnecessarily.

5- Only us the amount of electricity required, when you don’t need a light, switch it off and in the day, try to get more benefit from sunlight.

6- Close the taps of your house, kitchen, and bathrooms tightly to avoid water wastage.

7- Don’t use rubber pipes to wash cars at home, as it is a huge wastage of fresh water.

8- We must utilize rainwater for harvesting purposes and should prefer those crops which do not require too much water.

9- Having 24/7 electricity and water is a blessing where a huge chunk of the population is deprived of it, so be thankful that you have plenty of these resources available to you and stop wasting them.

10- Saving the Country’s resources is the responsibility of every Citizen of every Nation around the World.




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