Useful Self-Care Ideas

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In this world where so many products, theories, myths, and advice are available for self-care; what is the right self-care strategy, which one is for us, and why? It is very hard to determine.

Starting One thing, People refer to another. Start with the second thing. People refer to the third one and the list goes on and on resulting into a more confusing us, now how to find what best suits is an important question in this too much available information spread everywhere.

Let’s come up with some ideas that best suit you and your needs. Before going for any idea, you have to look out for your resources, other needs, necessities of life, and then generate a plan which best suits you within your own means.

Start with simple things when going for self-care

  • Eat proper meals.
  • Drink lots of clean fresh water.
  • Hydration is the key to good skin.
  • Meditate and pray for yourself for few minutes daily.
  • Do suitable exercise for yourself (choose from endless versions of exercise what’s best for you).
  • If facing a problem talk about it, never suffer alone.
  • Maintain a hygienic self-routine for yourself and for your house.
  • Declutter your thoughts and lifestyle.
  • Write down your thoughts to feel light about yourself.
  • Interact socially with confidence and feel good about yourself all the time.
  • Own your looks and persona and be grateful for what you have. No one is perfect, so feel comfortable in your Skin, own your flaws, and admire your qualities.
  • Do more physical activity, avoid clinging to your electronic devices all the time.
  • Pay attention to every small thing going around you.
  • Make a self-care routine of cleansing-scrubbing-toning-hydrating (moisturizing) your skin daily. Apply a mask to your skin to make it more nourished. Whether you want to use, store-bought or want to do a DIY, it’s up to you.
  • Take care of your body skin as much as you take care of your facial skin.
  • Never ignore your hands, feet and neck.
  • Your hair are your treasure, look after them daily.
  • Write a daily to do list for your self care and stick to it.
  • For your inner happiness devote an hour of a day only to you, and in that time do what you like the most to do.
  • Don’t await for big joys and treats to thrill you. Seek happiness from very small things and laugh often.
  • Save some money for your self-care monthly and whenever you want to give yourself a treat of good facials, fillers, botox, or any other aesthetic treatment, use it.
  • Create a healthy night routine, relax, listen to music, wear comfortable clothing and apply a good moisturizer to your face and eyes according to your skin type at night.
  • If listening music helps you think clearly, listen to soothing relaxing or music of your choice often.
  • Enjoy your time whatever you get for you only after meeting all your work and home responsibilities.
  • Read inspiring stuff, watch movies of any genre you like to enjoy time with your own self.
  • Don’t depend on others for your happiness. Rather enjoy your own company.
  • Take a step towards your self-growth daily, no matter how small step that may be.
  • Keep your home clean.
  • Browse your favorite website.
  • Write an inspiring story.
  • Give time to your loved ones.
  • Give time to your pet (if you have a pet).
  • Keep yourself, your house, clothes, and belongings maintained.

In short, love the life you are living, and instead of complaining about what is wrong with your life, be thankful for what you have and take one step forward at a time. Try to make your life as much better and comfortable for yourself as you can. Never give up thinking it’s too hard to achieve. When you start taking small steps towards the betterment of your life, soon the time will come in which you will think how repaying those small steps taken by you have proven to be for you. So charge yourself up and get started.




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