Slugging Skincare K-Beauty trend

Slugging Skincare K-Beauty trend
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Slugging Skincare K-Beauty trend, is so much in these days. If you are wondering what slugging Skincare is, Well, this is a trend which was coined by K-Beauty, and now it’s gaining popularity worldwide.

What is Slugging Method in Skin-care?

Slugging is when at night you cover your face with a thick layer of Vaseline or any other beauty product. Which is heavy-based, occlusive. After keeping it on your face for the whole night, in the morning, your skin is rejuvenated and feels like it’s reborn.

Many use Nivea for this purpose. some say, “you, see that blue tin really does the magic”. Vaseline also happens to bring out superb results when it comes to slugging methods.

How to apply product when Slugging the facial skin?

When you coat your skin with a thick layer of vaseline, or any petroleum-based product. In the morning, your skin is all glowing because slugging prevents transepidermal water loss. Which helps the moisture to be locked in your skin. K-Beauty influencers on TikTok say that it is best for all skin types.

Slugging acts like covering your face, with a face balm. This method is less costly yet tremendously effective, claim many beauty influencers who use this method. Petrolum jelly has skin minerals in it, which softens the skin. Mineral oil is a petrochemical-derived product that helps you maintain your skin’s elasticity. Now it’s your own choice to use natural oils, or mineral oils. Vegetables, oils, and fruit oils work on skin effectively too. Sunflower oil, castor oil, black seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, when mixed in petroleum wax, gives a smooth paste to apply, and reap the benefits.

For which skin-type slugging method is best?

Especially for the dry skin type, slugging works like magic. When this thick layer of your chosen heavy-duty cream, or petroleum product covers your face. It gives you complete hydration overnight. Before going to bed, using this technique is becoming quite common, and is introduced as an in-trend.

How to massage your face when using slugging method?

Gently massage your face, and be lavish in using the cream, petroleum jelly, mixed with oils. Hydrating jelly or facial shooting wax can also be used for this purpose. So those who do not like petroleum jelly can still reap the benefits of the effective slugging skincare method with the above mentioned ingredients. Hereby having a balance of keratinocytes (skin cells), and lipids are essential for a healthy glowing skin. Lipids make the outer layer of our skin nourished. Less lipids in the skin promote water loss, which is in no way good for our skin.

However, if you like, you can try the petroleum fix, and see for yourself how the slugging method benefits you.




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