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Exercise is something which is loved by many, but a lot of people do not exercise too. If we know the benefits of exercise, then it is easier for us to understand that all of us should. Excercise.

Exercise provides us with many benefits if we do it regularly. Regular physical activity not only improves our muscles and boosts our endurance, but it also delivers oxygen to our body tissues and helps our cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. It improves the health of our lungs and heart. As our inside body is all made up of muscles. Exercising regularly improves all bodily functions.

It gives us more energy to run our daily errands. 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day makes us more energetic and refreshed.

There are many kinds of exercises, some people don’t like to lift weights, though it’s very essential for all of us to lift weights. This builds and time our muscles. Small weight lifting is good for your body, too.

Even lifting just one kg makes a difference. The flexibility in our body and the strength and balance are all maintained by exercising regularly. Each exercise has different benefits. Doing one exercise or variety of them all is useful.

Actually doing the every day housework, chores or any errend you run in your house can help you have mild to moderate exercise. Things such as: hanging up clothes, arranging things, doing gardening, helping out in the kitchen or organizing your things all help you have a little bit of exercise.

Actual exercise routine though, gives you a lot of benefits like running, jogging, stretching, sit-ups, pushups, hopping etc. The more you exercise, the more strength you will gain and the more you will be able to do. As your body gets healthier and stronger with routine exercise/ Exercise also releases toxins from your body through perspiration. Exercise really improves your skin and brings a healthy glow to your skin. You can use extra calories through exercise. So make a routine of exercising daily to improve your bodily and mind functions.

To help reduce your cholesterol level, lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, to maintain your blood pressure and triglycerides level Exercise works like magic therefore reap the benefits of Exercise right from today.




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