The chemistry between love and dating apps

The chemistry between love and dating apps
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The chemistry between love and dating apps. As now everything is changing in the world; so is our love lives. A little while ago, few years back before the emergence of so many apps of online dating, love, and dating was mostly community based. People who lived nearby, saw each other, occasionally, met each other through families or through friends, often turned out to be eligible matches for each other. Weather, they want it or not.

Choices and Choices

Fewer choices were in a way less complicated, but to many were really complicated. More compromises, and narrow choices.

Now, with the advancement of technology we have multiple apps which are based on relationship and match making. A whole wide world is out there where meeting someone is now far too easy. Just a click, and so many choices are now available to us. Hereby the whole introduction process has been shortened. But actually, who is who, to figure out the real ones is becoming more and more complicated.

Stay comfortable

Many of us are always in a hurry to know the other one, or judge the other one. We want to go forward, but if the other person does not respond as we thought, he/she should, in no time many of us start the blame game, accusations unknowingly. Be too pushy, which others find quite uncomfortable.

People on these match-making, and dating apps often show identities as charming, and approachable, but often reality is the opposite.

Reminder: that we are not talking about looks here, yet, it’s the portrayal of the whole persona which is shown on the app, which is at times quite the opposite. So meeting the right person is quite a challenge. It’s like with the evolving of the meeting procedural, our needs to know others are evolving too.

The complexities of human nature

More choices are good, but they are challenging too. Lower self-esteem, lack of confidence, way too unrealistic demands, appearances, and much more we encounter if we opt for online relationship matchmaking.

The complexities of human nature, however, remain the same. For many the charm only exists in the beginning, when yet all is unknown to us; the moment we try to dig further the same questions and answers, bad moods, different complicated psyches surface. This is true, too, that we may meet plenty of people and the list can be huge but in reality, whom we want to love or be loved by, if we think about that, even on dating apps, our list narrows down to very few, or none.

Connecting is important

Previously it was more about how to connect, and now it is about how to make the connection worth our time and effort. The more people are drawn closer, the more it is seen that it is hard to fall in love, even harder to be or stay in love.

So many beginnings end right away after a few chats or after a few words exchanged. Which seems to prevail is more options, and more seeking out for the suitable match.

Determination matters

There is no easy way to utter this harsh reality, but if you are determined enough to find love, than you have to bring about many changes in you too. You have to invest in your intellectual growth, so when the right person who has the similar kind of intellectual growth comes your way, your heart knows it immediately.

Meanwhile, stay cool, proceed, enjoy knowing so many amazing people out there without stressing out yourself much. When it is the right time and person, you will know it for sure.




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