What attributes does the concept of fitness hold within you?

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What is the concept of fitness, the word fitness is often used to describe how good a particular genotype is at leaving offspring in the next generation, the ability to survive, find a mate, and leave its genes to the next generation. The five components of fitness are considered to be:-

1- Muscular strength

2- Flexibility

3- Cardiovascular endurance

4- Muscular endurance

5- Body composition

Regular exercise, and fitness keeps a person active. It promotes personal physical, and mental well-being. Stronger bones, muscles, and a stronger respiratory system are promoted by exercise. Also, being fit, and looking after yourself, doing exercise or workout daily helps in maintaining healthy cardiovascular health, lowers down the risk of heart attack as well as stroke. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, and also reduces some risks of cancer.

By being fit provides you benefits such as :-

1- It can make you feel happy.

2- It lower downs the risk of depression and stress.

3- It regulates blood pressure.

4- It calm’s your inner self.

5- It is good for your body, and brain.

6- It increases your energy level.

7- It reduces the risk of chronic disease.

8- It helps in keeping your skin healthy.

9- It helps boost your immune system.

10- It leads you to a better sleeping pattern.

11- It boosts your confidence.

12- it keeps your pysical appearance charming and attractive.

To benefit from all the above exercise daily for at least an hour, don’t think that you can eat anything anytime but stay connected with watchful and healthy eating. Stay away from sweets.

Always keep a check on your calorie count and food intake per day. You must sleep restfully from 7 to 8 hours at night to rejuvenate your body cells, whereas it is also important that no matter what your age is never feel it’s too late to stay motivated, and remain in shape for a better you.

Whenever you feel low or depressed, exercise really helps. It’s proven that fitness leads to good moods, higher energy levels, and confidence.

Everyday stress for all of us is too much to handle, so destress yourself by doing exercise, and by remaining fit. When you look good, it boosts your self-esteem, and often gives a new meaning to your life.

If we don’t maintain our bodies in shape, our muscles weaken, and we lose the bulk of the muscles that we need for breathing, and larger muscles also suffer from it which are in our legs, and arms.

We become more breathless when we do less activity. If we continue to be inactive we will feel worse and we will be needing help in our later years eventually for our everyday daily tasks performing.




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