The Popular Trend of Korean Puppy Eyeliner Look!

The puppy eyeliner trend introduced by Korean Makeup artists is getting quite popular nowadays. When we use eyeliners we don’t only want to define our eyes, but we mostly want that our eyes should look big and extra attractive. Well talking about the common beauty trends, curling our eyelashes with the help of eyelash curler, applying the right kind of eyeshadow before that primer to our eyes, and using a white or black pencil to define our eyes along with luscious mascara strokes on our eyelashes is a common norm. But when it comes to eyeliner there are several ways to try and the perfect eyeliner gives our eyes an instant boost of beauty undoubtedly.

So now what is this innovative puppy eyeliner trend? This is inspired by those loveable eyes which you can’t ignore at all. As they take away your heart in a moment. Now the technique to apply the puppy eyeliner is super-duper easy. It makes your eyes look, younger, bigger, and rounder.

After completing your eye makeup base and eyeshadow placement, while you blend in all the edges correctly and define your eyes with eye pencil, white, skin or pink color one or black, now comes the time to apply eyeliner, of course after redefining your eyebrows too, so you may know how your overall eyes definition is created.

Let me remind you that before applying the eyeliner do not apply the mascara as it can get smudged while you put on your eyeliner so always do it afterward.

Take a pen eyeliner with a soft tip, black, brown, or any other color that would be your preference going with the style of your makeup. Now draw a thin flick of eyeliner. Start to draw it from the inside corner of your eye and bring it along to the outer corner of your eye. You got to follow the natural shape of your eye while you apply the eyeliner. Your hand must be steady and without creating any mess, the stroke of your eyeliner should be bold and firm otherwise it will appear messy.

When you come to the outer corner of your eye take the liner a bit more out from the edge of the corner of your eye, so when you will open your eye it would look heightened up. This way your eyes will look way big.

The next step is to define your eyelashes with good mascara after you curl your eyelashes well with the eyelash curler. As curling, your eyelashes first gives you a more natural look.

Now your eyes are looking breathtaking, bigger, attractive, and a bit of almond round. Add shimmer and any other makeup enhancement you want to, in order to define your features more do. Now you are already to sparkle and stand out wherever you go.




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