Tighten-up and glow your skin with a DIY body wrap

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As the name suggests, the process involves literally wrapping your body with plastic sheets or thermal blankets to detoxify, rejuvenate and moisten the skin. Some wraps are also said to reduce inches off your body, though it’s just temporary.

Body wraps are the ultimate spa staple, no doubt. They are used to tighten up the skin and rejuvenate the texture of the skin. |You can use white clay, bengaBengal flour, yougurt, coconut oil and olive oil, water, essential oils and coffee to make a the thick paste which you will apply as a layer of the body mask.

Applying a body wrap

Any body wrap begins with a skin exfoliation regime. Then, the product is applied and you eventually wrap the desired areas to tighten up and glow your skin (abdomen and back, arms and legs). For this purpose plastic, towels or thermal sheets are used. There are several types of body wraps which are used in professional spa treatments for detoxifying, hydrating, slimming, whitening, glowing etc. You relax with the wrap on and once the time of treatment is up, you’re unwrapped. Then, either a lotion is applied or you take a shower and than moisturizer is applied to the skin.

Benefits of a body wrap

Body wraps offer a wide range of benefits. Detoxifying body wraps are done with a variety of ingredients like clay, seaweed etc. These ingredients help draw out impurities and toxins from your body. Hydrating body wraps use creams and gels to add intense moisture to your skin. The thermal sheets/plastic/towels help these ingredients penetrate deep into your skin. Regarding cellulite reduction, slimming body wraps, the parts of your body are tightly wrapped with the plastic to let you sweat. Remember that these are just temporary benefits and only your water weight will be reduced by the body wraps as they won’t burn fat from the body. However, these are perfect to have if you’re attending a wedding or function.

To make a DIY body wrap

There’s a bunch of different recipes that you can try out at home, using mineral clay. bengal gram flour, yogurt, honey, coffee and essential oils. First of all, you would have to do it all by yourself, which would be kind of tricky and tiresome. Then you will need a lot of cling wrap, and might have to keep the body wrap on for a longer time, as opposed to the time they wrap it on i professional spa. For a hydrating wrap, rub a generous amount of coconut oil, olive oil, or petroleum jelly on your body and wipe it off with the help of clean fresh piece of cloth. Apply your desired mask mixture in a thin layer to the parts of your body on which you want to give the treatment of body wrap. Use a plastic sheet to cover your body. You can do the same using a clay concoction for a detox wrap. In spa treatments some of the most popular ones are chocolate wraps, herbal wraps, paraffin wraps etc.

DIY body wrap treatment steps

  • Drink plenty of water before you start the process because your body will sweat when you wrap it and after perspiring you must not feel dehydrated.
  • Start by exfoliating your skin, especially the areas of your body on which you want to give the body wrap treatment. You can use a regular exfoliant or a dry brush. The idea is to make sure that your body’s dead skin cells are completely removed.
  • Next step is to take some warm coconut oil and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it, such as levendar oil.
  • You can also add some fine coffee grains to the mixture as well if you want as (this step is optional)
  • Use a loofah or your hands to spread this mixture on your skin evenly. Make sure you’re massaging it well.
  • Take the cling wrap or thin plastic sheet, and start wrapping the areas where you applied the mixture you made. Make sure you don’t wrap yourself tightly. It must be tight enough to make you sweat only.
  • Leave it on for 1-2 hours on your body
  • After that, hop into a nice, hot shower and after pat drying your skin, apply youyr favorite rich textured body moisturizer.



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