The Royal Turkish Coffee

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Turkish Coffee has higher levels of beneficial compounds, because of the cardamom and cinnamon touch, added to it, the benefits boost even more. Turkish coffee is believed to aid in the cholesterol levels in your blood.
This coffee also helps prevent many heart problems even though the caffeine factor is there. So never exceed the intake of coffee. Enjoy it, but in moderate quantity. Traditional Turkish coffee is very enjoyable. This is thick and aromatic.

Turkish coffee is known to be the oldest in history. The roasted coffee beans along with alluring spices addition make our day. Turkish coffee history dated back to at least 1500 years or even more. Some say that Turkish coffee was discovered in the Kaffa region of southern Ethiopia in the early 14th century.

However, the first coffee shop was opened in Tahtakale and from there it spread across all of Istanbul. It was the beverage of the Royals. Special vessels and very expensive teapots and cups were used to pour the qehwa coffee.
Even now it is quite festive and loved equally as past times. It’s a part of Turkish tradition. Mostly the Turkish coffee is served with water, so the flavors of meals or anything else you drank before the coffee, shall wash out. This way it is believed that a person enjoys the taste of  Turkish coffee to the core.

When making Turkish coffee mostly roasted Arabic beans are preferred. When they are grounded it produces a very fine aromatic powder. The coffee in the end will not require any filtration if the grounded coffee beans are used to brew the coffee. Of course, the better and the stronger the aromatic quality coffee beans will have, the more flavor you will feel in every sip.

Turkish coffee is the only coffee that is prepared without draining as the ground beans powder sinks to the bottom of the cup. Many like to cook Turkish Coffee in a traditional way on coal, so the smell of the flame adds to its perfection.

When the water is put on heat to boil in a saucepan, brown sugar, cardamom powder, and ground coffee beans are added. Now the coffee is set to be brewed on a very low flame. Once the coffee is reduced to half again, the water is added into it, and now it’s again put on the stove on a low flame to be boiled.  When it ultimately simmers down for a few more minutes, it’s poured into the cup. You can have your favorite sweets or Turkish sweets to enjoy with this coffee.  The Turkish sweet which i9s served with this coffee is known as “Lokum”.

The aroma and taste of this coffee are strong. So many people add sugar to it.




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