What is the quick five-minute fix, to keep all your wooden kitchen utencils

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In our kitchen we do the chopping, cutting dicing using our kitchen board all the time. To perform the task if we don’t have appropriate knives and a clean, maintained kitchen board, the cutting, dicing, and chopping part loses all its charm.

We all in a regular routine, the same spoons, spatulas, and cutting boards with which we feel comfortable and convenient.

Like everything, machines, even our human bodies require maintenance to be in excellent form and to produce close to perfect results. Same is the case with our kitchen board and kitchen helping aid utensils.

Once we buy something, the proper care is what saves our bought product from cracking and chipping.

Most people avoid plastic boards as they don’t find them attractive. So wooden cutting boards fashion never gets obsolete.

To have a homey, rustic-free, look you must maintain your all-wooden utensils and cutting boards using a mixture of mineral oil along with melted beeswax. You may also add a few drops of vanilla essence in the mixture too.

This way you will create a vanilla-scented aromatic polish for all the wooden utensils including kitchen boards that too with no extra load on your pocket.

Now mix the paste you made well and apply it with a fresh dry cloth on the surface of all your wooden utensils and wooden cutting board.

After one side is done, apply it on the other side and rub it in well, while missing no part.

You will instantly see how clean and polished all your kitchen wooden equipment will look.

As per daily maintenance, wash all the utensils well with a good soap and warm water.

Keep them dry after use.

Use baking soda mixed with water and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide weakly when you cut raw meat on the kitchen board but be extra sure that you rinse away this solution well, taking the help of a good dishwashing liquid/soap and hot water.

For any process or cleaning purpose always take care of your hands and wear rubber gloves at all times while you are performing the task.




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