What’s Wellness and its Dimensions?

Wellness has multiple dimensions among which seen could be considered as the main ones.

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • Occupational
  • Intellectual

Somehow they are all interrelated. We wander in life for the pursuit of happiness and growth. Wellness is used in both physical and mental terms. The quality of life a person lives all depends on how well and alive one feels. neglecting ourselves and not involving in self-love often leads to very major troubles and chaos in life. If you are not managing your time well, it also ruins you. If you do not practice focus, faith, attraction, and gratitude you live a hollow life.

Spiritual Dimensions

The principles you live by, the things you believe in, your mental approach, mindset, the pattern of things, and behavior all are attributes of spiritual wellbeing.

If you are willing to seek guidance, want to associate with the higher purpose of life you surely are related most intensely with spiritual wellbeing. The harmony, peace, enlightenment, refreshed mind, and peaceful heart all loop up in this spiritual wellness. Things and ways of life become more clear and a person can look ahead towards life and one’s goal more effectively. Spending time with yourself is highly important to understand your own self, so this dimension of wellness offers you that. Stay curious and never stop learning.

Physical Wellness

It encompasses detailed personal management not only health-wise but wellbeing-wise too. Learn to identify your problems and accept life as it is and then try to fix it. Develop positive habits, live healthily, eat healthily, and exercise daily. You must carry a healthy behavior and arura overall as a person as it is the main attribute of physical wellness.

Emotional Wellbeing

How you take care of yourself portrays a lot that how you take care of others. How you treat the life of your own determines how you treat the life of those who are dependent on you. Your emotional wellbeing is highly important as if you are not at peace from inside you will reflect the same your outside. How you manage your anger and, sadness, life, and work questions, private moments, ability to love, ability to try new things, be different all are associated with this feeling, and how strong you feel all depends on how strong you are emotionally. The self-esteem and how much worth you feel you have all is associated with this feeling. Your stress management ability is also the key factor in emotional wellbeing.

Social Dimension

How you communicate to others, how much you value others, connect with others all are part of social dimensions. Developing intimacy, accepting and mingling in intracultural dimensions, practicing teamwork, being part of social good, practicing empathy, and taking care of others without any expectations attached all are related to social dimensions. The sense of belonging, sharing, experiencing is a must to have. Showing your talents and doing something good for society is also a good way to extend and practice social wellness.

Financial Dimension

This is very important to feel and have. A person who does not feel financially secure or spends too much, has a lot of accumulated debt, can control impulsive shopping, or buy often is not financially well. The wellness of finance is to know how to manage your personal finances perfectly. You must never overspend and should always make small or big investments for your future. You must know your financial limits and you must cut on your losses as much as you can. Financial soundness is very important in later years of life, so you must adopt the habit of saving. Come up with smarter ideas to have a side hustle, and always keep on working on your financial side.

Environmental Dimension

We all are part of the environment we create or live in. In no way we can move ahead in life positively if our outside environment is toxic. You must focus your energies on mother earth so the harm to the environment can be prevented. This is the only way through which, the generations who will come after us will live on planet earth with the same comfort and ease as we are living. Show your loving and caring gestures towards mother’s earth. Stop polluting the earth and we must live by the formula of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Occupational Dimension

Occupational wellness is all about how much talent, sense of purpose, commitment, skills, and teamwork spirit you have. Your occupational wellness encompasses all the areas of your work life and it affects others too through you. You made policies, strategies on how you manage life and work all are included in this dimension. The joy you have through your work and how you exist pleasantly in your own self and for others at work all are key contributors to this dimension. Thereby you must choose a career that goes with your talents, personality, and skill-set. Which really sparkes my interest and will to do more for you. Only this way you can count yourself or place yourself in a high-performing group.

Intellectual Dimensions

How innovative and creative you are, how often you get out of your comfort zone and generate small and big ideas all are factors of this dimension. An intellectual person is self-dependent, he/she knows how to make full use of one’s resources at hand to the best of our abilities. Learning a new language, art, craft, new skill, talent, exhibiting your ownself in multiple creative ways all are inclusive in this dimension.




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