Why our hair becomes white and how to prevent it naturally?

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This is a known phenomenon that as we get older the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually become less and die. When this happens and there are fewer pigments cells left in our hair follicle the strands of our hair will not contain as much melanin what they need and the hair starts to look transparent. This brings quite a few shades in our color such as silver, gray, white, or ashy gray-white. One more reason can be stated about it that in this modern world of ours, the lifestyle we have adopted makes our hair becomes white very quickly.

Stress, pollution all lead to hair whitening. When the whitening of the hair speeds up, we become conscious, most of us do not like it and want to fix the problem immediately.

What Causes White Hair at an early age?

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You may have noticed that in youth who belong to their early 20s or 30s the hair whitening problem is rising. As we have discussed above, that early hair could be because of our hectic or not healthy lifestyle, pollution, stress, too many pressures of life intensify this problem, or it can be genetic in many people.

Why appropriate Vitamin intake is important?

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Look out for vitamin deficiencies of any kind as lack of iron, vitamin D, Vitamin B12 often triggers hair graying instantly. So in simple words’ deficiency of Melanin can be due to vitamin and mineral deficiency in our bodies.

Our Lifestyle choices affect our White Hair growth

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When hair grows rapidly white, even if you think your lifestyle is appropriate. The lifestyle you have needs a few amendments to facilitate you in stopping your hair whitening problems. Eat and drink healthy. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Be restful, take a full night’s sleep, and always remind yourself you cannot change everything around you. The challenges will emerge, and you have to face all the circumstances. Therefore, Stop taking too much stress of everything in life. Try to create a happy existence.

Hormonal changes can also trigger Hair Whitening

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Moreover, certain hormonal changes or imbalances in our body can increase our premature graying of hair. If your hair is going gray in excess, you must consult your doctor.

Medical Conditions affects Hair Whitening

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Medical conditions, chronic diseases could also trigger hair loss. The problems of thyroid, insomnia, anemia, and many other chronic diseases can increase the hair whitening process.

How Chemicals accelerate Hair Whitening Process

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When you buy products read the labels of your hair products, you should opt for very low chemicals products in form of your hair dyes, hair shampoos, and conditioner.

Hydrogen peroxide effects on Hair Whitening

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Using hydrogen peroxide on our hair leads to the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in our hair shafts. When you bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide, more often try the different colors on your hair, or for hair highlighting or low lighting, hair gets white even faster. The follicle of hair becomes rough and dry as well.

High-end treatments to avoid Hair Whitening

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If you have available financial resources at hand that you can afford high-end treatments, re-pigmentation using different methods is possible. I would suggest that prevention is better than cure. So look out for your overall health and your hair health too, to avoid the hair graying process. As your body needs to be healthy and disease-free so that red blood cells which carry oxygen in our body cells including our hair should be facilitated to perform their function well.

Stress and Anxiety

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We all deal with stress now and then and can’t avoid it as everything which comes our way is related to a part of stress, work, and responsibility overload somehow. If you are suffering from anxiety, sleep problems, high blood pressure, or a change in appetite, all these factors make you more subjective to stress.

Autoimmune Diseases

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Can be another big trigger for hair to be white before time. When the body’s immune system starts to attack its own cells in Vitiligo disease and Alopecia it can cause our hair to be white immediately.

Thyroid problem and Hair whitening Relation

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Here is another good point to see that is your hair problem is caused due to thyroid problems, which leads to hyperthyroidism which is in many ways responsible for early hair graying and whitening.




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