Why the love of wearing High Heels never gets outdated?

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The women’s love for high heels never gets old. High heels are not only considered to be a fashion statement for women, but it also make women look more attractive and adds a signature to a women’s self-confidence. As for men, neckties are considered the absolute class. The same is true about women’s obsession with high heels.

In today’s world,, where things, along with our choices and preferences change rapidly, rather way more than before due to digitalization but still, the heels as women’s first choice fact do not change.

Wearing high-heeled footwear signifies not only being tasteful, but it was known to reflect power, fashion, beauty, and femininity.

The high-heeled footwear, which is now worn by women only, originally in history, was made for men. Men used to wear high heels as a demonstration of power, class, and status.

High heels nowadays are worn by women almost All around the world,, whether those are modern leading Countries or developing one’s.

No doubt at times high heels wearing can be uncomfortable and can lead to chronic foot pain but still, Women find it chic and appealing to wear heels.

Taking a look at high heels history:-

High-heeled shoes were first worn by men of Persia, particularly soldiers who found a must wear Footwear with heels while horse riding as it prevented their feet from slipping while shooting bows and arrows and assures them a firm grip and better state of balance during horse riding. Soon the high heels worn by men in Persia became a sign of wealth and power.

With passaging time, heeled shoes were brought to Europe and introduced there firstly by Persian rulers. In Europe, high-heeled shoes for men became famous and were considered being a symbol of power, wealth, and masculinity.

Then came the time when women along with men started wearing high heels footwear, which was called “chopines.” Then came the time when high-heeled footwear made of metal and cork was initially introduced in Spain and Italy.

Women also began to wear high heels at this time for their practicality.

One of the most famous wearers of heels that world history has seen was King Louis XIV of France. In the history archives, it is described that high heeled-shoes were a symbol of class and prestige at that time.

In the 18th Century, high heels started to gain popularity among women, particularly. Heels of different kinds and shapes were introduced, keeping in view the classy fashionable and feminine side of women.

By the end of the 18th Century, high heels were worn by women commonly as symbols of elegance and sophistication. In the Victorian era, high heels were totally acknowledged by women, and wearing them became a symbol for women to express their style, grace, fashion sense, and status but above all, it complemented their femininity.

When the stitching machines were invented around the mid-18th century, the stitched shoe finally came into being.

In the 20th Century, high heels around 2 inches, became famous. The media also portrayed women wearing heels as symbols of fashionable chic footwear. The stiletto heel company completely took female fashion footwear by storm during the 1960s to the 1970s.

In the world we live in today for women, there are multiple choices of high-priced brands to economical heels and footwear . Well, it’s a whole range of colors, shapes, and textures out to their ladies in high-heeled footwear, so go on and have a pair according to your choice and preference style.




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