Your Bedtime Routine confirms the quality of your Sleep

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A restful, quality sleep is nothing less than a blessing. It ensuers a healthy mind and body and also provides us energy to deal with the next day challanges in routine. Without having a good sleep at night, our bodies and minds reach a state of collapse. Sleep not only facilitates all functions of our body, but it gives our body a chance to heal and get rid of dead cells. For rejuvenated skin, energetic body and mind sleep is our magic portion. Good sleep boosts our energy levels to the next level. Our minds work way better and concentrate even better. Without proper rest, the wear, tear in our bodies plus minds leads to serious mental and physical problems. Having learned the importance of sleep now, it is essential to know how to have a good sleeping routine? And how does our bedtime routine help us achieve this goal? So if these questions are bothering you too, here are some time-tested tips which might be helpful for you in this regard.

1- Stop your thinking mill at bed time

When you are preparing yourself to go to bed, just focus on your sleep and think of all the good things you want to have in life. Give place to only good memories, so your dreams pattern will pick that too through your subconscious. Ease yourself and tell yourself that whatever you faced today is gone, and now all is OK and you are about to give yourself a chance to recover and refresh for the next day. Thinking any bad thoughts or worrying before you go to bed can only, make your situation worse, as it will not bring any good your way. Before sleeping, shed away all the thoughts and just focus on your sleep. Try easing your breathing and gradually drifting into deep sleep while allowing yourself to be tension free and restful by all means. This way you will prepare yourself fully for the next day after your power sleep. And will wake up fresh and ready to deal with any situation with a way better mindset and strength than yesterday.

2- Switching off devices time

In today’s world, it seems we can survive without food for a while, but not without the internet. Although advancement in technology has made lives of us way easier, however, it seems we have also got addicted to our electronic devices too. Thereby, if you are feeling that you are trying but can’t sleep, and that is why you are clinging on to your cellphone or watching TV in your room; it will not be helpful, but will further put you out of sleep mode. Blue light effects your melatonin production and at a deeper level you feel alert and can’t sleep. Listening to it might sound very simple, not a big deal. But if you really want a restful sleep to catch on to your energy and beauty, try switching off all your devices at least an hour before you finally go to bed. Limit your screen time and let your brain relax completely before you sleep. With your eyes closed enjoy some light-played music if you want, or meditate in your heart while you lie down comfortably in your bed with your eyes close and focus on putting yourself to sleep.

3- Welcome sleep taking a salty warm bath

It’s known that epsom salt baths before bed really help relax your body and mind. As epsom salt has maganasium sulfate in them so it helps in relieving stress and relax the soreness of the body muscles. As our body has to go through so much all day, doing work, running errands and providing food to the table, meeting our expenses, which makes us tired like anything. Therefore, it is a must to look after yourself and give a restfull treat to your body. You can use sea salt too, if you want, or scented salts having different fragrances to enhance the relaxing experience of your bath time. When you take a warm bath after a long day, not only does it feel blissful, but it relaxes you fully. After the bath your body temperature drops and it gives a massage to your mind that it is time to relax and put yourself to a restful beautiful sleep for the night.

4- Dim the lights to sleep better

Our body’s have an internal clock which works according to what we feel. When the lights are dim and it’s dark, melatonin production in our bodies starts to increase. This acts as a sign for our body that it is resting time and we must catchup on sleep now. Keeping this in mind, when you prepare yourself to go to bed atleast an hour or more, you must dim the lghts of your bedroom. You got to give your body a signal by regestring it in your brain that it’s time to go to sleep. Using dim lights in the form of bedside table lamps or using less watt bulbs helps you achieve this aim. Make use of the ambiance of dreamy darkness for awesome sleep.

5- Sleep-promoting natural supplements might help

When we lie down in our bed and try to go to sleep but coldnt, it makes us way more tierd mentally and physically. At times we feel irritated when it appears to us that trying all we still cant sleep. So at that time, instead of tossing and turning, worrying, getting angry at yourself, best way is to find solution to this problem. You can ask your health practitioner to prescribe you some natural-sleep-supporting supplements. Get a full checkup, discuss your situation with your health practitioner in detail, and together come up with a solution. Don’t suffer in silence, but seek help if required.




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